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  1. I'm here again-back from the future! -The retro future, to be exact. @AtomicTech?
  2. Yes! I like all weather. Each has it's own mood. TUBM uses MacOS X to run KSP.
  3. There once was a Kerbal named Bobster, Who had a pet toy wind-up lobster. While Bobster was fishing, His lobster went missing. And Bobster looks for it still.
  4. No-meatloaf. That sounds very nice, though!! TUBM can without a search engine tell me what unity7 is (not unity game engine).
  5. No, it's just me. Maybe @Bej Kerman?
  6. I get what you are saying now. Maybe there should be an option to install/make themes; some that have 3D buttons and stuff, and some that are flat. That would satisfy both sides.
  7. I am not speaking of cluttered arrangements. I am speaking of using shaders to make e.g. a button look like it is rounded, sticking out of the surface it is embedded in. in contrast to this:
  8. What is it's bulkhead profile? (size2, size3...)
  9. C'mon! Their both cannibals. A vampire is just a cannibal on a juice diet. The fridge ate my food!
  10. Yes, in several games: DeLorean, Mach 3, Falcon Hypercar, Micro Go Cart, and a 60's sedan. TUBM has been to space.
  11. My point is against a flat UI, not a cluttered UI. And you can de-clutter it.
  12. Looks like @ColdJ did a super summon! -one page ago... @AtomicTech?
  13. @KSPStar, could you guys please not use blue as the primary color? It hurts my eyes, especially after dark when I want to see all the colors without putting my orange-glasses on. I would suggest yellow or orange.
  14. I ran out of likes for the first time! This clip is awesome!
  15. Nope, just me. Why does everyone think Nate Simpson will post on a forum game? @Souptime, there's a fly in my soup!
  16. Not quite. @ColdJ, I wonder where everyone went to. I also wonder if it has anything to do with that Inspiration4 launch yesterday (or the day before). @AtomicTech, will you show up next?
  17. ...with chickens! 2351: Damage level: 40%. The damage levels have been getting lower the more you climb. "That's good," you think. This floor consists mostly of wooden chairs and tables from the 80's. Other than that, nothing. "What a boring room," you say. Then you notice something in the far corner, and go over to take a look. A large button on the floor. Fortunately, it is yellow rather than red. "Should I press this?" you ask yourself. Your opinion keeps shifting back and forth from "Press it," "Don't press it," and "Don't you dare press that button or else something worse will happen than when you pressed that first red button!!" In the end, after arguing and contradicting yourself for thirty minutes, your curiosity gets the better of you once again and you press the big yellow button. Suddenly, the small bit of floor below you lifts up and you find yourself on the next floor. "Phew," you say, "at least these buttons are making better and better things happen rather than worse and worse." Are you sure you want to make that assumption, climber?
  18. 8/10 you changed your user picture, didn't you? It looks like @ColdJ did, too!
  19. I don't. 2.979487853×10¹⁶⁵ Why did the chicken from kerbin cross the road?
  20. Absolutly! TUBM knows what that Gemini was in NovaPunch beta.
  21. No, I don't. @AlamoVampire, why is there a date and time stamp on all your posts? Is it auto-generated, or do you add it yourself? The user below me has watched one of the movies in the "Back To The Future" series in the past 48 hours.
  22. I do not. BTW, what are those numbers that appear on every one of your posts, @AlamoVampire? TUBM was around at the time the NovaPunch mod was in it's beta stages.
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