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  1. Nah, just me again. @adsii1970Perhaps now?
  2. Nice to meet you! I'm KSP_linux0191!
  3. Hello there! Haven't been here in a while! @ColdJ?
  4. The Kerbals from the KSP2 gameplay vidoes seem too cute/silly/goofy-like they don't have a clue or care about what they're doing in a rocket. The G1 Kerbals have a more serious look, like they actually care about what they're doing. I personally don't like this-could something perhaps be done about it?
  5. 2001! Rats, I'm one year/number too late. Oh, yeah, A Space Odyssey? Never seen it, though.
  6. 5/10 I've seen you around.
  7. No... err, what? TUBM likes pizza.
  8. Nope! @ColdJ is the only person to summon...
  9. @KSPStarIn the video, it said that interstellar travel would be like shooting an arrow at a grape on the moon; did they mean from Kerbin to Mun, or from Earth to Moon?
  10. What does each stage light color mean? There are these color sequences: Black (unlit), Steady Pink, Steady Green, Flashing Green, and Steady/Flashing Orange.
  11. 2658: The room is entirely empty, except for two sticks of 32GB DDR5 RAM right in the middle of it. You grab the RAM and head up the circular stairs.
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