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  1. Hello all, I was wondering, how can only change the camera angle and position enabled by an IVA clickspot? For example, how can I move the camera position up, here? The current camera position and angle is generated from a clickspot, by clicking the window.
  2. Hi! So how would one go about doing this? Also, I saw your telemachus recommendation, but that's not really the way I wish to proceed. I want to output something from the IVA to JSON, have it read by KSP, and then output the result of that to JSON so that the IVA reads it again. In that sense, a fully IVA-controlled realistic DSKY.
  3. Oh my, sorry! I didn't realize the color was grayish, I thought it was a bug on my end. Edited to black as needed And yes, I have looked at those two links! However, I could not understand where exactly I have to fiddle around with things. I've found two DSKY folders in KSP: one in ASET, and the other in MAS. To my knowledge the ROCapsules one works on ASET.. is there no way to shift it to MAS?
  4. Hi guys! I've been making a kOS-based, as close as possible AGC/PNGS for KSP. However I felt this was not enough and I think I can try to make an actual IVA-interactable computer with my kOS code as acting as software for it. However I've come to a roadblock here - MAS(MoarDV Avionics System) does not have a tutorial or anything of the sort which can help me do this.. The goal is simple. Use the ROCapsules DSKY as base, change textures and add real functionality to it. Idea: Log JSON data to a file, and have the lua in MAS read it up, and display it on the AGC/PNGS register displays. Then by interacting with the pushbuttons on the DSKY, send back commands to change VERB/NOUN settings. Problem: I can't find information on how/where/what is referenced/used for coding the functionality of a button. If any of you have a good source of documentation, please feel free to send it my way..
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