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  1. As far as I am concerned, the reason why people use sorbitol instead of sugar is because it has a low melting point and its more safe when caramelizing it. But sorbitol is more expensive than sugar and harder to find here in the Philippines. Why not just pre heat in high temperature the sugar to caramelize it then turn the heat to low then add the potassium nitrate? Wouldn't that make much more sense than using sorbitol? Can anyone else tell me if there are other advantages to sorbitol aside from having a low melting point. Thanks!!!
  2. I just wanted to clarify does this ultrasol potassium nitrate (use for plant fertilizer) the same as the potassium nitrate we use as an oxidizer for sugar rockets? Link of the Ultrasol (NPK 13-0-46) Potassium Nitrate I plan to buy: https://shopee.ph/Ultrasol-(NPK-13-0-46)-Potassium-Nitrate-KNO3-200grams-1kg-i.41463246.5117228076?position=3
  3. Yeah I think everyone convinced me pretty well. This was way worse than my initial thought was. Anyway, thanks for the response everyone!!
  4. Okay, I know what you're thinking, its a stupid idea and it is. I was just wondering how much potassium nitrate and sugar will I be needing for me to thrust on my skateboard. And what pvc diameter would you guys recommend and the nozzle size? I am planning 2 rockets on the side of the skateboard. Distance I would like to cover is around 100 meters. I weigh 70kg. I will be sitting down on my skateboard throughout the entire process. Would appreciate some answers, thanks.
  5. I really appreciate all the precautions. Side note, I have successfully built my rocket motor yesterday, but I didn't caramelize it yet because I was not confident to do it so. And the good news, after 5 trial and error, my rocket flew. :))
  6. Hello everyone. I am new to making sugar rockets and Ive been wondering, why do some youtube tutorials caramelize or heat up the potassium nitrate and sugar while other tutorials just simply refine and mix the particles of sugar and the potassium nitrate? Does it give more overall thrust???
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