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  1. Now I have seen a lot of posts about the fact that the best place for COL is behind COM, but what about up and down? I tried reading some articles about this, but in the articles that I found they only talk about COL being behind COM! And to clear out any confusion, I am talking about planes, where I change the angle of the wings to get COL up or down.
  2. @king of nowhereuh, I have no idea how to reply to your message, so I guess I will do this instead... But my question is, is there any point in having the thermometer in the inventory at all? And is it possible to make a car that would let me drive around the launch base? Because I am pretty sure there are no wheels in the game
  3. I got a mission that requires me to measure temperature on ground level right next to the launch pad. So I tried to do this by putting thermometers inside of the inventory of a pilot and just walk towards that area. But I am confused because I can't find a way to actually use the thermometer.
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