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  1. Thought my RX6500 XT would allow me to play on low or medium. I guess I'll buy it now anyways due to my country's economy making the game more expensive every second
  2. The thing is here 50$ is 7000 argentinan pesos +60% in taxes wich turns it into 10000 pesos wich is nearly a thenth of the average salary. This ends up deferring a lot of people from buying the game [snip].
  3. Unrelated but I have a very important question. I live in Argentina wich is a third world country that happens to be in constant economic failure no matter what as such our currency is very weak and inflation is enormous. Even if I am not so personally affected by this I feel the necessity to ask if the game will have steam's "price adaption" thingy for third world countrys.
  4. So I started thinking about the tech tree and colony parts and i've come to the realization that a sistem purely based on science points would be a little bit boring, why? because colonies will probably generate more science than landing missions and exploration so once you know colony mechanics it would be easy just to throw colonies and let them generate science passively than actively exploring planets. My idea? A different (small) tech tree for each celestial body exclusively for colonies and it works like this: You visit a planet (let's say duna) and collect science and planet data if you get for example 3 athmosphere readings in different altitudes you'll unlock pressurized habitation modules and if you do seismic readings and ground temperatur scans you could be on your way to geothermal energy generators the idea of this system is for you to be able to progress more explicitly than just going somewhere and collecting points beacause why would looking at the mun rocks of 10 different biomes allow you to make an advanced habitation module that works ona planet you've never been to before. Thanks for coming to my ted talk
  5. I make giant molds of the hills and rebuild them somewhere else then I flat the old hills My hills
  6. As you can see in the Images below the transition doesn't look smooth but ugly and stripped instead does anyone know a solution to this? It's easy to see in eve
  7. Whoa didn't expect to see (or read?) another argentinian.
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