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  1. No. But hey! I am here Is @Admiral Fluffy also here?
  2. Yes but since ship means both things in english it translates to "barco" instead of "nave" also "nave" it is actually used to refer boats used in war an example of this is the game "Batalla Naval" (I don't know the name in english but it is the one where you hit or miss saying things like D3) the title could be also said as "Batalla de Naves" and "naves" is refering to boats . Cohete is more correct since it directly refers to a rocket and therefore to something that will go to space . I could talk more but it would be derailing the thread even more
  3. Hello i talk spanish personally and this is wrong (I know that it is translated but with the word ship I feel the need to say this) it is actually said "nave" or "cohete" que queres decir con "contra el objetivo"? supongo que lo que estaras haciendo es acelerar en el nodo del SAE "contra el objetivo" pero para frenar en relacion al objetivo tenes que frenar en retrogrado con relacion al objetivo (osea si tenes la bola de navegacion mostrando la velocidad relativa al objetivo acelerar en el marcador de retrogrado y NO en el de anti objetivo) Ojala esto haya sido util.
  4. I can't wait to see KSP2 it looks AMAZING and I love that the devs keep us updated.
  5. I think he/she was talking about people who already paid KSP1
  6. No images but I finally made a helicopter I can't stop crying FINALLY I left them long ago because the always did spin even wih counter rotation rotors I fixed it after thinking it was a game bug
  7. Maybe if you own the game you will have a discount? expect to pay something anyways because they need some money
  8. Thanks! then my kerbal would be like this: Long black hair (doesn't reach the neck by a bit) and glasses Than you a lot this is pretty fun also it is acting as pfp provider for me
  9. Can I describe my kerbalized version? im very skeptical with photos and stuff
  10. What about tv cameras? they could work as a transmission system of events like first mun landing and give you money and reputation. The better the stream the better the rewards The stream quality could be affected by the antennas you have on board and the camera itself.
  11. A full commitment's what I'm thinking ofYou wouldn't get this from any other guy Sorry I couldn't think anyhting but that
  12. idk really I bought it from my country and it is incredibly cheap since prices are adjusted for our economic crisis and even if I had problems with the DLC it was worth the money (takw into account I probably paid a lot less)
  13. Very good work I love all the cranes and vehicles to movethings around and the upper stage looks quite good .
  14. It's a good idea let's turn Kerbal Space Program into Movie Tycoon
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