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  1. Jeb will come a little later along with the Val we know and love since this is a very early stage of rocketry Valfreda is probably going to be part of the mission control staff on the [insert creative name for republic that is not the Kerbal Kempire]. Btw I will release the next episode today or tomorrow! It won't be very long since I am busy IRL right now. Have a great day!
  2. I did a simple routine Duna mission. With enormous amounts of unnecessary docking because i always find it fun and rewarding to do so. Have a great day .
  3. Lamento mucho no poder indicarte un foro. Yo lo proponía como alternativa pero no conozco un foro en concreto.
  4. Today's mission was simple Valfreda would fly around the Dessert and intimidate or even shoot down possible spy planes with just one condition: Don't go to the southern Dessert. Val hopped into the plane she knew that spy planes don't usually go through the Dessert so she grabbed her radio and got ready for take off (side note to myself: I screwed up choosing Valfreda as a name I will have problems when Valentina appears later) **BRRRRRR** The engine roared to life and less than a minute later she was in the air. Valfreda turned the radio on and relaxed for a while ocassionaly correcting the course of the plane when suddenly she saw a thunderstorm very near and tried to fly away. But it was too late The thunderstorm completly disoriented Val who after hours of flying managed to get out of the mighty thunderstorm. Val flew some more minutes when something appeared screaming towards the sky at an incredible speed, she managed to take a single photo of the strange thing. Then, the plane began to lose control. Its fuel tanks where empty and the plane quickly began falling Val pulled up and manouvered to try and "land" safely but it wasn't enough, the plane smashed in the hot sand got reduced to almost nothing. Val lose concioussnes after the hard impact. Later on Val recieved medical attention and then went to see the state of the plane. *sigh* the plane was ruined and would never be able to fly again -Hi- -AAA- -Oh sorry you scared me- -No problem my name is Lucas I saw you fall yesterday during the tes- *sigh* I see no reason not to tell you what it's all about. Lucas told Val about what they were testing and showed her the fotos of the experiment. -Sooo you are telling me... that this giant tube of thootpaste goes higher and faster that every plane ever?- -Yes and this "giant tube of thootpaste" will take us where no car, boat or plane will reach ever: THE MUN. The testing continued for days but little did anyone know a Kerbal Kempire spy plane silently observed the tests. End of episode 1 Hello KSP forums! this was the first chapter of my story series of a fictional space race. The game will be based around storytelling and its on a stock sandbox save. I hope you enjoy upcoming episodes! Oh btw please let me know of any errors in my english. It's not my native language.
  5. Hola, probaste verificar los archivos del juego (si lo instalaste por steam) o directamente reinstalarlo? (suelen ser buenas primeras pruebas) Asegurate de hacer un back up de tus partidas y naves/aviones aunque steam suele hacerlo automaticamente. Edit: vi lo de unity fijate en un foro mas especifico a Unity lo mas probable es que este relacionado con el motor en si
  6. Banned because now I can't unhear it? unseeit?
  7. I honestly wouldn't like to have actual "intelligent" alien species because I really enjoy that feeling about the lonelyness of space. Maybe simple microbes or maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe a plant species no more.
  8. 8/10 I saw you quite a bit actually (I look more than what I post)
  9. Here you go! https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/192648-18x-111x-reentry-particle-effect-renewed-26-mar-2020/
  10. I've been whroygh this situation before and a lot of people did. it's a huge jump in scale and I recommend you try docking and explore other parts of the game such as planes and rovers for a bit then head to another planet.
  11. 1/10 seen you once or twice I've been summoned (seriously thanks)
  12. Kapitalizing because my name references a loading tip in spanish
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