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  1. Sometimes ships just don't move in orbit, I don't mean roll/yaw/pitch. They are just completely still not moving at all. While trying to intercept a craft I found that while time warping the intercept node is saying the wrong intercept, it just circles between what intercept 1 and 2 were when you started the time warp. Another is that sometimes in the VAB when you press launch it simply does not launch, no error message or warning, it just doesn't launch, even if you select a different launchpad or clear debris from every other launchpad. Also, I turned on infinite propellant and then later turned it off and the next day when I turned it back off and hit apply settings, it turned back on soon after for no reason. With fairings, if you put something inside one and launch, it sometimes shakes the entire rocket uncontrollably and sometimes stops shaking when you stage, but the payload is often glitched halfway out of the fairing. Manoeuvre nodes give the burn time and everything, however the required deltaV doesn't decrease while burning, it just acts as if the manoeuvre was made at the current trajectory. For example, if I made a manoeuvre that put me from Kerbin orbit to Munar orbit, then performed it, once I completed the manoeuvre , my trajectory would be correct, but the manoeuvre would be showing the trajectory as if I planned it from already being on a Munar trajectory. Beneath the manoeuvre description, where it gives burn time, required dV and time to stop burning, there is a bar that shows you how long you should burn for, but there is a weird '3' that is below this bar that doesn't change or have any relevance as far as I can see. I have no idea how some of these got past any amount of testing, if any testing was done at all.
  2. Everytime i try to launch RSS in 1.10.1 i get stuck on the file KerbalismConfig/Parts/ChemicalPlant/kerbalism-chemicalplant.cfg there are no problems with module manager, its just this file it gets stuck on forever.
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