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  1. Much appreciated fr, I have a few friends who dont play KSP but can code, they seemed interested, hopefully we can get it done.
  2. Hear me out, lets say If you start to fly over a certain area on the globe, you'll get a screen message saying, "You have entered - Territory", and if you don't leave in 120 seconds or so, 1-3 attack aircraft are spawned using vessel mover somehow, and intercept and form up on you before the two minutes are over. The aircraft would likely be already pre designed for vanilla and the mods dependencies, which would be BDA, Vessel Mover, and Physics Range Extender at least. The aircraft can be a number of roles based on what your current craft type is, such as if you're a lander type it'll spawn an A-10, SU-25, or some type of ground strike vehicle, where as if you're a plane it'll spawn a fighter, so on so forth. If you enter a region and shoot down an aircraft, public relations will drop like 10% with that Nation, If its under 50% you're at war, and have to place defenses in order to protect the KSC, or wherever you're launching from. Please help me make this happen, I've wanted to do this for so long and now that KSP has had its final update, I think it'd be plausible for years of fun. I would code it myself but I'm horrible so there's that lol (Possibly make your own dif nations attack craft? idk, it would be cool to fight a design that isn't mine that I haven't looked for and downloaded, much love)
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