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  1. Cool tech tree, could you make it CTT compatible?
  2. I know that, I meant the mod that adds the model for that launch pad
  3. I'm not entirely sure how to get a log file. If it helps though, I mean "stops working" as in the mod's icon doesn't show up and the atmospheric trajectories don't show. As far as I know this happened when I started using BD Armory, and I tested it to see if it worked without and it did.
  4. 5th, hell yeah, more nuclear jet engines to polute the air with
  5. I'm using the 2nd latest version of scatterer and the sunflare isn't working, can anyone help me here?
  6. Anyway to make kerbin's clouds not pixelated as hell without upgrading to the computer melting resolutions of 43K?
  7. Oh I meant the warp drive would say it required more power, but it appears to be fixed now
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