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  1. Would it make more sense to have the scansat mode for Clementine's camera HiRes visual instead of LoRes as it is currently?
  2. Or? The Soyuz parachute is the same diameter and sits flush with whatever you place on top of it.
  3. After being resized the Star 37/48 no longer fit inside the Minotaur IV upper stage kit. The Star 48 upper and lower shrouds also don't fit on anything, as they're somewhere between 0.9375m and 0.625m.
  4. The mod literally just updated, so the craft files are all going to be out of date. All the ones that include FGB parts, anyway.
  5. Just edit the config, put something like this in it: RESOURCE { name = Snacks amount = Your amount maxAmount = Your amount }
  6. The Apollo/Saturn revamp branch on Github. Does anyone know what was in the SIM bay on LEO missions, Skylab missions and ASTP? I guess it was just empty?
  7. Aren't these Mariners in Coatl Aerospace already? Perhaps you could sort something out with Akron?
  8. I'm not surprised this doesn't work, given how long ago it was updated I think it's long dead. Tantares and BDB have remade a lot of the probes from this mod.
  9. Have you considered adding parts to recreate some other 4MV-derived spacecraft, like the Venera synthetic aperture radar, Astron, Granat, etc.?
  10. Thank you for the explanation. Please could you consider adding correctly sized upper and lower adapters/autoshrouds for them?
  11. Is it just me or is the Star 48 incorrectly sized? It doesn't seem to fit on adapters and decouplers properly. It looks somewhere in between 0.625 and 0.9375 sizes. https://prnt.sc/1q55ufz
  12. Is there a way to apply a patch like this to all solar panels, including ones from mods? Is there a way to have solar panels lose efficiency exponentially, instead of a fixed rate over a fixed period of time?
  13. Have you ever considered making a similar patch to the Decaying RTGs but for solar panels, seeing as real solar panels will slowly degrade while in space? If not, how could I make such a patch?
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