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  1. It will be done when it's done. I don't, for one. I'd rather experience the completed product.
  2. If you want to use a J-2X there are much better ones in Cryoengines and Redirect that use LH2.
  3. Woah, some serious Mandela effect is happening. Happened to me yesterday too, with the Skylab radio blackout incident. Could've sworn it was for a whole day, and that it was intentional.
  4. I don't think you uploaded the white version of the tank or the SAF version of the new fairing. There is a "SOFI" B9PS module on the tank, but the only option is orange. EDIT: The RL10B2 doesn't fit on the single engine mounting plate, the nozzle extension clips into the tanks slightly.
  5. Would it be possible to add 0.625m, 0.9375m, 1.25m endcap switches for both ETS orbital mission modules?
  6. No, the mount is fine, the antennas and solar panels can't be attached to nodes on the mount. It's just a pain trying to align them perfectly, the surface attach on the underside of the mount is strange and it triggers my OCD trying to align them perfectly.
  7. If you learn how to mod, could you please make a patch for BDB that makes the ETS Apollo antennas and solar panels node-attachable?
  8. And that's why I said be patient. There wouldn't be any problem if it's for your own personal use.
  9. The buran parts are still in development. Just be patient and wait for Benjee10 to finish them.
  10. Wow, must have been bad luck to have the micrometeoroid shields ripped off BOTH Skylabs...
  11. Uhh, there's already one in the mod, Benjee10's APAS. The old CADS port was the APAS port from CxAerospace.
  12. That diagram probably predates Columbus MTFF by at least a decade, I don't think there's any relation.
  13. Interesting. Reminds me of the cancelled ISS power module that eventually became Rassvet. May I ask, what is the module on the rightmost view labeled "Spacelab"?
  14. Was that a real proposal? How would it have been launched? Also, what about the Skylab reboost module, is that planned?
  15. Is there a possibility of replacing the decoupler+engine autoshrouds with a proper interstage?
  16. You should ask in the RSS/RO thread, they are the ones who create and maintain configs for part mods.
  17. Those craft files must be outdated. Try using older version of Tantares.
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