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  1. Most people play with the navball in the centre of the screen. Just because you can't see what the issue is doesn't mean it isn't an issue for others.
  2. Ah, so it's just wishful thinking and choosing to ignore all criticism?
  3. Are you sure you're playing the same game as everyone else?
  4. Now that it's already been established that KSP 2 is a critically panned disaster, is it safe to assume the move over to modding exclusively on KSP 2 won't happen any time soon?
  5. But it's just that, a promise, and Squad and T2 don't exactly have perfect reputations. Already forgotten about the redshell drama? Is it really that bad of me to not want to pay more money for the exact same game so I can enjoy the exact same mods, only they're being actively updated? I don't earn a lot so I can't be wasting money on stuff like this. Funny how KSP started dying precisely when KSP2 was announced. Please can you at least try to understand my frustrations here?
  6. Why abandon KSP modding? People will still play KSP1 and the game itself will still exist. It just serves as a way to screw over people who don't want to waste money on what will inevitably end up being an inferior game, as most T2-published games are.
  7. That would be an English accent. There is no such thing as a British accent, as Britain includes Scotland and Wales, whose diaspora both have their own unique accents.
  8. How did you make the ISS modules white, and what is that gigantic wetlab-looking thing covered in docking ports?
  9. Yes it did. It was retired because it didn't belong in the mod and Well had already made a far better-looking Diamant in KNES.
  10. Yes, looks like the site is dead. You could try copying the original URL and pasting it into archive.org.
  11. Uninstall IFS and install Nertea's Cryoengines/Cryotanks. IFS is obsolete and broken.
  12. It was never finished and the developer has been gone for a very long time. You would be better off using SOCK, it is more up to date, more accurate and has more features.
  13. Why don't you ask Beale about it? Tantares has Vostok parts and he's still into modding sort of.
  14. Never used a mac before in my life. You'll have to find a tutorial on Youtube. Manually installing mods is easy, there is no need for CKAN. And yes it works in the latest version of KSP.
  15. Generally most mods are configured for 2.5x scale systems, not stockalike, and this isn't an exception. You should try it with JNSQ.
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