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  1. I see absolutely no reason that it would hand-wave the interstellar distances when the developers have said repeatedly that crossing those distances is most of the challenge.
  2. I've seen people trying to make existing parts into hangars which seems to involve some relatively complicated modeling, but wouldn't it make the most sense to make an invisible and collisionless hangar part that you can put inside a cargo bay and resize it to fit properly? Perhaps have a cylindrical and a cuboid version? I'm sorry if I'm misunderstanding something and it's not as simple as I thought.
  3. it looks like this MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableCentrifuge DeployAnimationName = CentrifugeCollapse // Speed of the deploy animation AnimationSpeed = 0.025 // Layer of the deploy animation AnimationLayer = 1 // Crew needed to deploy CrewToDeploy = 3 // Skill Required CrewSkillNeeded = #autoLOC_500103 // Skill Display Name CrewSkillNeededName = #autoLOC_500103 // Crew capacity when deployed DeployedCrewCapacity = 16 Deployed = True // Radius, for display purposes only Radius = 15 // Name of the deploy action DeployActionName = #LOC_SSPX_Inflatable_Action_Deploy_Start_Title // Name of the retract action RetractActionName = #LOC_SSPX_Inflatable_Action_Deploy_Stop_Title // Name of the toggle action ToggleActionName = #LOC_SSPX_Inflatable_Action_Deploy_Toggle_Title // Name of the start action StartSpinActionName = #LOC_SSPX_Deployable_Action_Spin_Start_Title // Name of the stop action StopSpinActionName = #LOC_SSPX_Deployable_Action_Spin_Stop_Title // Name of the toggle action ToggleSpinActionName = #LOC_SSPX_Deployable_Action_Spin_Toggle_Title // Speed of the centrifuge rotation in deg/s SpinRate = -35 // Rate at which the SpinRate accelerates (deg/s/s) SpinAccelerationRate = 1.0 // Rate at which the counterweight spins in deg/s, typically faster than SpinRate and reversed CounterweightSpinRate = 70.0 // Rate at which the counterweight accelerates (deg/s/s) CounterweightSpinAccelerationRate = 2.0 // Transform to rotate for the centrifuge SpinTransformName = B_SpinCore // Transform to rotate for the counterweight CounterweightTransformName = B_Counterweight InternalSpinMapping = 1 }
  4. The module looks like this MODULE { name = WOLF_CrewCargoModule EconomyBerths = 2 LuxuryBerths = 1 ModuleName = #LOC_USI_WOLF_CrewCargoModuleName PartInfo = #LOC_USI_WOLF_CrewCargoCrate_PartInfo_Summary } i'm trying to give them 1 EconomyBerths for every deployedCapacity, and half as many LuxuryBerths
  5. I'm trying to make a patch that adds a different amount of usi wolf system crew capacity to each deployable centrifuge part of a given deployed crew capacity, Like, parts with 1 deployed crew capacity get 1 wolf crew capacity, but parts with 2 deployed crew capacity get 2 wolf crew capacity. Basically, I'm trying to select parts that have a specific module that has a specific variable of a specific value.
  6. Is there a way to make bases per-save? I want to make a cool space colony in my sandbox save but I don't want it to appear in my career mode save.
  7. This is the correct approach to intellectual property
  8. Is there a config for the wolf system that allows me to transport the transport credits?
  9. Thank you, i want to remove the effects because I spammed a biome with level 1 harvesters without realizing that they were less efficient and so I'm going to replace them with level 2 harvesters
  10. Never mind, I wrote a module manager patch that does that. Also, if i wanted to edit my save file to remove modules from a Depot that I had planned poorly, where would I find the file that stores the biome Depots?
  11. Is it theoretically possible to make a patch that applies to every crew cabin with a certain amount of crew capacity?
  12. What if instead of the crew cargo containers we just had that functionality in the crew cabins? Like the 16 person cabin has 16 economy seats or fewer luxury seats?
  13. I made a Tweakscale patch, it includes all of the parts except redundant ones like different sized fuel tanks. Now you can have larger warp cores/nacelles that are more powerful and larger ring Gates that you can fly into more easily https://github.com/Clancythecat/blueshift-tweakscale-patch
  14. I made a tweakscale patch for this mod a while ago, but I kept forgetting to release it, after the next update I'm going to add the new parts and release the patch so that you can drive large rovers through the Stargate.
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