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  1. Here's the link if you want to check it out. https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/w926gk/found_vallhenge/ I spawned about 100m directly above the Vallhenge. Rover 1 is strong though, no biggie. (Hopefully the lander is ok, I should check that out). Yeah I think I'm going to go for the polar route. I was debating some kind of diagonal route to try and hit most of the biomes but I've decided I don't really need the science.
  2. After a break to do other stuff, I've started a circumnavigation of Vall. I'm still driving Rover 1. So far this rover has seen a 150 km expedition to the Mun Canyon (and several attempts to jump off the rim), and a successful circumnavigation of Minmus. I gave her a new lander, with a bit more delta vee and more thrust for bigger moons, and flew her from her berth at Mun Station to Vall, with a stop at Laythe station for refueling on the way. I made a few minor modifications using EVA construction - a couple of RTGs under the cockpit, a command chair on the roof so Valentina can come along (what is Vall without Val?), and a snazzy bumper sticker commemorating my Minmus circumnavigation. Funny first day on Vall. We landed 10 km from Vallhenge and started looking for it. Roamed around for an hour searching with no luck. I figured it had to be around there somewhere. Decided to try uninstalling Parallax. Logged back in to this - Fortunately no damage!
  3. My Mun entry was technically "Stock Craft". I am pretty sure the only mod I had installed at the time was Trajectories, so it didn't really affect much, though. @Watermel00nGood luck! The Mun is my favorite so far. Mun gravity seems like a sweet spot where you can do fun stunts but still feel like you are driving with decent control. I am making preparations for my next circumnavigation and will post more soon.
  4. Minmus complete! All the details can be found in this mission report: Happy circumnavigating!
  5. Challenge Complete! The OP is updated with Chapter 6, the final chapter in this particular Elcano journey. I actually finished some time ago but have been procrastinating with this last upload. Here's a bonus video of Valentina trying her hand at roving using the Elcano Support Hopper.
  6. Chapters 4 and 5 have been added. Here's a video of Rover 1 descending onto the Lesser Flats.
  7. The upside down rover body was an accident, but I thought it was funny so I left it that way. The rover is controlled by a RoveMate probe core underneath the lander can, so the controls function normally. Btw chapter 1 is up.
  8. Hello everyone. Here I am again giving it another shot, after my failed attempt to complete the Elcano Challenge by circumnavigating Minmus in a rover last September. This will time I'm going fully stock, and doing the challenge in an early-ish career mode save. Background Long story short, last year I built a reusable Mun rover and lander system, for use from a research station in Mun orbit. Then I learned about the Elcano Challenge, and impulsively decided to circumnavigate the Mun with the rover I already had there, the Gnat. That went well, so I decided to fly the rover to Minmus and circumnavigate that as well. I was making good progress, then unfortunately my save was corrupted. It couldn't be retrieved. Not to be deterred, I started a new career save, and powered through the earliest part of career mode. As soon as I felt I had the kredits, I built a research lab in Mun orbit and a reusable rover lander system, a basic one with mid technology tree parts. The idea was both to improve upon the design of the Gnat and it's lander, and also to gather a bunch of science quickly to get the labs in orbit cooking away and unlock the technology tree fast. I didn't really expect to do an Elcano run with this rover, but I just came back from an extended break from KSP, and I like to drive it, so what the heck. For challenge completion purposes, here are some screenshot's of the first rover mission so you can see that I flew it from Kerbin: Now we'll join our heroes, Buzz and Wendo Kerman (no relation) as they set off on the story that may (hopefully) lead them to circumnavigate Minmus in Rover 1. Prologue - Mun Landing 2 Chapter 1 - Onward to Minmus Chapter 2 - The First Day Chapter 3 - Into the Highlands Chapter 4 - Another Chapter Chapter 5 - The Rover Repair Contract Chapter 6 - Challenge Complete!
  9. This was a fun read. I've Elcanoed the Mun and am working on Minmus. Tylo is so intimidating though - it's huge. Well done.
  10. Tragedy! Defeated by the Kraken! My save file is corrupted beyond hope of recovery. Bill and Dofrod are gone, but not forgotten. I won't be able to finish this adventure. Not to be deterred, I have begun a new career save and fully intend to return and circumnavigate Minmus and beyond, just as soon as I get the technology tree unlocked. I'll start a new thread when I get there.
  11. Bill and Dofrod left the first checkpoint and headed west along the flat-ish top of Bill's Bluff \ Rolled a little there and lost a couple solar panels...again. Retract! Retract! No worries! This time Bill packed like 30 EVA repair kits. The strategy I've been using most of the time is to just extend one solar panel at a time while driving to minimize the potential damage. Forgot this time because I had just left the checkpoint. Over the edge! Bill: "Hold my kerbeer!" Dofrod; "Yeehaw!" Taking a breather at the foot of Bill's Bluff and gathering science from the Lesser Flats Moments later, nightfall sweeps across the Flats. Bill and Dofrod settle in for the night The next day. Bill: "Ready to do more flips, Dod?" Dofrod: "....c-c-c-cold..." Bill's Bluff shrinks in the distance. It was about here that I figured something out. These circumnavigations on Minmus and the Mun have been very challenging just controlling the Gnat and making it go straight. It's always trying to pull one way or another while accelerating, even on the Flats here. I went to adjust some wheel settings and found out that the Gnat's front wheels are out of symmetry. Not sure how that happened or when it happened but it explains much. I'm kind of used to it at this point though. I have a few ideas for solutions in mind. Passing a strange rock Bill drives back into the night. Our heroes stop to place a flag at the next checkpoint. 100km down! The route ahead... ...to be continued...
  12. Bill and Dofrod peel out, leaving the landing site in their tracks and racing across the Flats to the west. They plan their route off the flats and up the into the hills. It was already late afternoon when they started. As they got into the hills, darkness began closing in on the east facing slopes. Bill: "Hmm.. maybe should have asked for some replacement headlights in the last shipment from Kerbin." Bill: "I must say, Dod, that moustache does look dapper on you." Dofrod: "Why thank you, old chap. You also look quite sharp in your new toupée." Bill stops on the sunny eastern side of the ridge to rig one of the decorative dome lights from the side of the Gnat to the nosecone in hopes of helping with the dark areas. This leg was all about chasing the setting sun around the moon. When full darkness sets in they'll need to stop and wait morning. They bravely climb a steep, dark pitch dubbed 'the Night Wall'. Look closely and you'll see the lights of the Gnat in the middle of the shot. 18Watt wasn't kidding! Dofrod roared over the crest of the Night Wall, catching some hang time and performing the first controlled flip of the expedition, only to slam directly into a terrain glitch, destroying the Gnat's probe core. Fortunately we had F5ed at the foot of the wall. The next time Dofrod came over the edge with a little more speed, landed 1 awesome jump, trying and failing to clear the glitch with that first jump. Then at the last second he popped a wheelie. The glitch caught the Gnat's rear tires, throwing it into another jump. Dofrod controlled the rover, executed another sweet flip and landed safely in the sunshine of the ridge top. Bill: "WOOHOO! Again! Again!" Dofrod: "YEEHAW first flips on Minmus baby yeah!" After a few more kilometers they arrived at the top of a sunny plateau overlooking the lesser flats. And planted the first Elcano Challenge Checkpoint flag, 50km from the landing site. They named the hill "Bill's Bluff". Next time, Bill will get his chance in the driver's seat and try to one-up Dofrod by doing flips. Their planned route: ...to be continued...
  13. Refuelled, repaired from its Munar exertions, and kitted out with spare parts, the Gnat prepares to undock, with Bill and Dofrod Kerman (no relation) seated on the lander. Burning for Minmus Bill: "I don't know about you, Dod, but ever since our Mun adventures I feel great." Dofrod: "You and me both, buddy." Bill: "Lights seem brighter, colors more vibrant, textures more crisp and detailed. I feel like a whole new Kerbal" Dofrod: "Oh! You mean the Munar fines. We've been studying them in the lab. Turns out they are extremely psychoactive. After prolonged exposure like we had... well, we're both hallucinating like crazy. Space obviously isn't really this pretty or detailed. We may have permanent brain damage! Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any downside." Bill: "Oh." Arrival at Minmus Coming in for a landing Bill: "We are going to do so many flips on this moon." Dodfred: "Yeehaw!" Dodfred: "I call driving." Bill: "Darnit!" Our first contract on Minmus was to repair this rover. Somehow it ended up upside down. Bill takes a few spare parts from the Gnat. Mission accomplished. Bill then strips off a few parts that he feels would look better on the Gnat. Ready to go! Cockpit view from the start line- Next time, we'll do some driving. ...to be continued...
  14. Hello forum readers. I recently became aware of the Elcano challenge to circumnavigate the surface of any orbital body by rover or boat. Then I went down the rabbit hole of mission logs submitted by forum users over the years as they attempted the challenge in so many different ways. This inspired me to compose a log of my own. The Gnat - Background The "Gnat" science and utility rover rolled out of the SPH in early career mode - year 0, day something-or-other. With 40 parts, weighing in at a cool 3.443 tons, she was built for science gathering and career missions as part of a landing system consisting of the Gnat and a reusable sky crane attached to the Munar Gateway Station. Here she is at her berth, distal to the escape pod array, before I ever heard of the Elcano challenge. Prior to creating this thread, our heroes Bill and Dofrod Kerman (no relation) were ordered by mission control to land on the Mun and perform a rover circumnavigation. They did so in style, performing many graceful maneuvers such as the one captured below. or this one After 27 days, Bill and Dofrod finally succeeded at circumnavigating the Mun. All the other Kerbals came out to party with them. Then they returned to the Munar Gateway Station to fix up the Gnat and chill out for a couple years. The Plan The plan for this circumnavigation is for Bill (engineer) and Dofrod (scientist) Kerman (no relation) to travel from the Munar Gateway Station to Minmus, make a landing on the Great Flats, then take a roughly equatorial route around the moon collecting science from all biomes except the Poles, visiting the easter egg, and completing as many career missions as are convenient (to fund future adventures). See the planned route below in blue. ...to be continued
  15. Hello everyone! I've been playing KSP for years but have never been active on the forums until now. I spend most of my time trying to do cool flips with rovers on the Mun. Glad to be here!
  16. I successfully did a front flip with my Mun mining base. Ignore that other post from last night, that never happened in this timeline.
  17. I tried to do a backflip with my Mun base.
  18. Mun circumnavigation complete! This will be a "stock craft" entry with only a few visual mods. In this career mode playthrough, I am trying to savor the early game by really exploring the Mun properly. To that end, in the weeks before destiny showed me this forum topic, I built a nice orbital station, complete with a general purpose rover for science collection and missions on Mun or Minmus. I call it the Gnat. For the purposes of the challenge, here are some screenshots of the Gnat launching. I did launch from the KSC and fly it properly to the Mun - that just happened a week or so before I heard of the Elcano challenge. I originally intended the Gnat to just be used for light duty science collection and career contract running on the Mun and Minmus. It had already made one landing and 20km rove and I liked how it had handled. So when I heard of the Elcano challenge, I decided to give it a try with the rover I already had. The Gnat was intended as a part of the whole Mun/Minmus exploration package I called the Munar Gateway Station. Here she is docked at her berth before the mission. Arriving on the Mun: Leaving the Space Crane at the landing site and proceeding to the start line: Placing a flag at the start line: Some fun pictures of milestones on the way: After 27 days of driving when I could find the time, Bill and Dofrod finalled arrived at the finish line by the great arch. All the other Kerbals had come to celebrate. Circle of flags: Heading back home to the Munar Gateway Station to repair and prep the Gnat for Minmus:
  19. Hello comrades! I spotted this thread about 3 weeks ago. I've played about 3000 hour in this game but this is my first time commenting on the forums. I am doing an Elcano around the Mun that I started 3 weeks ago and the finish line is in sight. So...I'm a litte exited. I planned on waiting until the finish line to post, but I just couldn't resist sharing this moment that went absolutely perfectly on the first attempt just now. I have exploded and F9ed so freking much in the last days but this one somehow I pulled out of my ass. Checkpoint 38
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