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  1. Yeah that's what I meant. It adds lift based on FAR instead of stock. I was just looking at the patches that come with the mod. That's a lotta data.
  2. I'm not sure how to for FAR, as it doesn't have any Aero Parts, but I do all testing with FAR included. I think non-aero parts got lift automatically after installing FAR. Not sure. As for AJE, I forgot about it because I never used it, but giving it a second look I think I'll try it out and see how it works. So maybe.
  3. The model string doesn't need the extension to be specified and the mass string being .5 instead of 0.5 (supposing you wanted it to wheigh 500 kg) . Also I haven't seen mbm textures inside stock, but i think that was like an older proprietary filetupe like .mu . I've only seen DDS and PNG textures. I haven't seen that done that way anywhere else, but I don't know if that can break anything but if you did follow older tutorials, then I guess some things could have change enough . I'm new to this too, and been fiddling around with modding for like a year but I'd recommend these newer tutorials by KerboNerd.
  4. What about using @ insead of %? @TechRequired = yourCustomNode % for edit or create @ for just edit
  5. I don't know about tech trees, but it sounds like what you want is to make other mods parts move into your mods' tech nodes? If so you could make an MM patch for each node: @PART[anotherModsPart1,antherModsPart2]:AFTER[partsMod] { %TechRequired = yourCustomNode }
  6. Just the mod itself, no FS assets are used. Are there other ways to make prop engines in ksp?
  7. An atmospheric aircraft parts mod focusing (for now) on mainly propeller aircraft from the Golden Age to Early WWII. All parts should come up by searching kfw on the search bar. Parts List Requires Firespitter Download Link on SpaceDock Available on CKAN too. Extra "Requirements" (not needed to use the mod itself, but parts get extra features, or get patched out without them) Personal Mod Recomendations I think work well with KFW (besides the ones on top) To do Changelog Licensing (for the last version)
  8. Hey, It actually may not be an issue with the importer, but with my .mu, because I remade the whole thing and it just worked without any issues.
  9. Oh, you mean like a command prompt or a terminal? There is one that comes up during startup, only to close itself after. You can open it back, though.
  10. Hey @taniwha, can you decipher this error? I can't see what's wrong with my part. No misplaced brackets in the cfg nor models w/no vertices. I got the newest version with 2.83.
  11. Control surfaces rotate along their X-Axis. If your using Blender, Rotate BURAN3_TAIL's origin so the X-Axis paralell to the side.
  12. @ColdJ Yes. All textured , every mesh uses a single material, placeholder is in the folder and the texture path is stated in MODEL{}
  13. OhScrap! and DangIt! are the one I'm aware of, but not sure of how simple they are to make compatible. OhScrap seems to have different modules for each failure type: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[!PROPELLANT[SolidFuel]]]:NEEDS[OhScrap,ScrapYard]:FOR[OhScrap] { MODULE { name = EngineFailureModule baseChanceOfFailure = 0.11 expectedLifetime = 6 spaceEngineBaseChanceOfFailure = 0.1 spaceEngineExpectedLifetime = 3 } }
  14. @ColdJ I should have specified, the picture on the right is the resulting .mu imported back into blender. This is the pre-export hierarchy:
  15. I can select and place them as normal, with nodes working as they should. Looking at the .mu shows that the exporter plugin is not exporting the mesh, just the collider and transform.
  16. I see. Thanks, it's still better than closing the game and going all over the main menu
  17. Thank you ColdJ I got it working by isolating the suspension values, trying them one by one. Now it's working fine... except its clipping on the SPH. I'm guessing the parts in the editor imitate the position on the .mu?
  18. Empezé a traducir el cfg para SXT. Cuando lo termine se lo paso al autor o lo pongo acá para que lo prueben?
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