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  1. @eddiew, you make good points. It is not exactly prograde, rather 20 degrees from~. My understanding of hypersonics is that a layer of plasma forms around blunt objects, the blunter the further away. So the cockpit would keep the radiating plasma further away(and deal with the radiation) while any smaller and aloft parts might be closer to it, or right in it. So I doubt Starship would get away with having something like that 'in the wind' .. but who knows. Then again not sure how much of the physics are modeled in ksp (see lift mechanics for instance). Regardless, the re-entry flames are a show to watch
  2. I built an SSTO and could not make it stable without a pair of canards on the nose. However I was sure they were gona fry on reentry, since they look rather flimsy and are at the very front (it enters kinda like the space shuttle). To my surprise they never even got an overheat bar. The nose, cabin, and some of the engines did overheat - no more than 3/4 bar - but never the canards, in more than 10 reentries now. Is there a reason(aerodynamic?) why they should stay cool? The max temp on them is 2400, less than the 2700 on the cockpit, which in turn did get overheated. Thanks!
  3. Here is my first - just landed it for the first time. I lost the vertical fin, does it count? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uip4WEQ2wSfIjJKT8_-mh9pd3QRnB_3N/view?usp=sharing edit: new and improved craft, now holding on to tail.
  4. Well I guess that's that - a lot of times in engineering its keep it simple or fail. As you point out, the hypersonic air breathing - exotic indeed - poses fundamental challenges. Go Elon! Guess I will still finalize my KSP SSTO, so I may launch with 1/10 of the cost, and 10 times more piloting.
  5. Yea, I should probably get into Realism Overhaul, but i'm clumsy enough in stock KSP ..
  6. Okay, that rings true to me and may well be. However coming to SABRE(one or more stages), is there something to gain from aerodynamic lift combined with (vacuum)thrust as opposed to just thrust all the way. For sure the later is simpler .. I see that I missed the target with the 'ssto' tag, but I still want to figure if hypersonic engines are viable
  7. (which is better in a duel ..) So the CR-7 R.A.P.I.E.R. engine is emulating the - ever in development - SABRE engine. Seeing that with it an SSTO is quite possible in KSP, you have to wonder some things - What would be the $/Kg to orbit of a plane with SABRE? Is it so much better than SpaceX's Starship? (since neither exists let's use glossy brochures to make comparisons ..) - Would a platform like Virgin Orbit benefit from SABRE technology - on either of the two stages I need to know that my Kerbal SSTO is not for nothing!
  8. There already was a line ROCSeed=-1 in the file at that spot. I set it to 69420, but I cant see much features around KSC or the island airfield. The grass seems to have more texture, but cant remember how much it had before for sure. Anyway, thanks for the help! edit: at the desert airfield there are cactuses(cacti?)
  9. @Zacspace, I am playing on steam, and the linux drawbacks have not yet been so overwhelming to make me contemplate switching OS. I heard they are giving another push to proton, so for not I will wait but thanks for the tip!
  10. I have a career save file without Breaking Ground, can I continue it if I start BG? Also, will I have to reinstall mods? Thanks!
  11. I am quite honored I see that I could probably do with a smaller vertical fin.
  12. This is too funny .. The mapping let me assign 'Pitch Down' to forward stick move BUT: it is binary, that is either goes all the way or not at all. Also shows as button 3, which is one of those mysteries. Quite an improvement for flying, but obviously some way to go until normal. Come to think of it, it is not the first mapping problem I had (and this one seems to have appeared for no reason. Come on Squad what is so hard about mappings? Some things go to some other things
  13. Indeed .. a quick search found this thread. The gist is that it should not work at all (I am on linux!). I have been flying for months until I was bothered enough to look into the dive issue.
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