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  1. YAY! your back!!! loved the chapter! 100000000000000000000000000/10
  2. i yeet a rockat at the crane but the crane might dodge but the rapid boom might hurt the craine driver ears so i might win
  3. wow! the mission report looks beautiful. nice job with the tufx (i think), what's your profile for it?
  4. i come out of nowhere and parachute land beside you. i call my kerbal frieands, who luach rocket at you. BOOM!
  5. hellooo! @Venusian Explorer nice to see u YAY!! new page
  6. yay! @Kerbal Productions how about you?
  7. nope @Venusian Explorer hope you come
  8. Sad to hear, but okay! I love the saga of emiko station by the way
  9. Hello and Welcome to the Forums!
  10. Sorry. It is tomorrow already here! Hello @Just Jim
  11. sorry, its me but yeah @Souptime, you here?
  12. nope, ITS ME!! hey @Space Kerbalisation Tech, hows it goin
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