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  1. I believe it's parts without custom TETRIX configs, that would have normally been placed in the tech tree node they are configured for by default. The second debug option seems to have moved all of those to the start node instead.
  2. Also, the latest version of the mod seems to be bugged. I have a whole lot of parts that, instead of being where they should be, apparently get dumped in the root node. This also happens on a new save. Edit: Also, as pictured, the debug option for showing part names in their description seems to have accidentally been left on. Edit 2: Actually, the first issue seems to be a debug option as well. For anyone who wants a quick fix, comment out these two debug options from the TETRIXTechTree-ModParts.cfg file by placing two slashes in front of them, like on the first line. // Add part name to description by CessnaSkyhawk @PART[*]:FINAL { @description = #$description$ <color=#7F7F7F> [$name$]</color> } @PART[*] { @TechRequired = start }
  3. Heads up, there's a misspelling in the config for DMagic Orbital Science: @PART[dmsurfacelaser|dmBathymetry]:NEEDS[DMagicOrbitalScience] { @TechRequired = generalEngineeing } Changing this to "Engineering" makes the two parts appear in the right node again.
  4. While FF seems to work mostly okay in 1.12, I did run into one game-breaking issue with GPP. It seems that in my current save, it reliably starts spamming the log with lines similar to the following, and freezing the game: [LOG 21:08:18.718] FF: kerbal status change: Nevan Kerman from Available to Available at time 27174758.4321371 [LOG 21:08:18.718] FF: hall of fame refreshed [LOG 21:08:18.719] FF: kerbal added: Bill Gaelan Full log file, and list of mods, here. Edit: Apologies, turns out FF is probably not causing the freeze. It still occurs after it has been removed. Still, perhaps knowing that it spams the log so much in this situation would be useful.
  5. I'm also having Scatterer issues. Just... different ones. KSP 1.12.2, GPP (w/ the small scatterer patches for the sunflares, earlier in the thread), Scatterer 0.0772, and a lot of other mods. KSP.log and installed mods (ckan export, one or two might be missing) The issue I'm having is with the atmospheric scattering being visible through terrain. This includes the color bands of the sky, as well as the glow around the sun. Another, less obvious but possibly related issue, is the sunflare getting hidden before the sun hits the horizon (so for a while you can see the sun without the sunflare), as well as a few instances of the sun (not the flare) being visible through the ground as well. I don't really know how Scatterer works, but it sort of sounds like it doesn't know where the ground is, perhaps?
  6. Hi, I have an observation for the Proteus pod. Not necessarily a bug report, but something to watch out for (especially for the players). I'm not 100% sure of it yet, but some experiments show that the hitbox of the pod might stretch out slightly further than that of the appropriately-sized heatshield. This is indeed the case visually: What this can mean is that when re-entering at high speeds and/or in tougher conditions (JNSQ, deadly reentry, etc), the pod can slowly overheat and explode even though it's behind the heatshield. Just something to keep in mind.
  7. This might already be a thing and I've just missed it, but since switching away from the craft is required for it to travel anyway, it'd be very nice if you could also issue commands without switching to it. This way you could execute trips with different stops without loading the craft every time, which would pair well with things like Kerbalism's background science.
  8. I'm playing w/ JNSQ and Mechjeb in 1.12.2, not encountering these issues. I have noticed a bit of similar-sounding weirdness from Astrogator (transfer maneuvers always miss) but MJ seems to work fine. Edit: Take a look at this snippet from your log. [ERR 08:13:36.087] MechJeb caught a ReflectionTypeLoadException. Those DLL are not built for this KSP version: [ERR 08:13:36.087] Kronometer GameData\JNSQ\JNSQ_Plugins\Kronometer\Plugins\Kronometer.dll The latest version of JNSQ includes an outdated version of Kronometer. Try installing R-T-B's Kronometer patch from a few pages back.
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