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  1. v2.4.6.17 (fresh CKAN installation) complains about a missing ``KSPe.dll`` (in the log file, anyway). I don't have a log because I just downgraded to .16 before I remembered to get the log. I don't know if this is a CKAN packaging problem though.
  2. Vanilla Kerbalism makes the energy consumption in the same range as vanilla antennas.
  3. Is there any chance you could add explicit support for Commnet Antennas Extension (which is just a commnet adapter for RemoteTech Redev Antennas)? It "works" out of the box but the energy costs are way too high (2/s idle, 80/s transmit) compared to vanilla antennas. I took a look in the configs and I'm not sure why the flat energy cost divisor wasn't working for those antennas, or what the stock Kerbalism config does differently to make it work.
  4. I was asleep all during today so I wasn't able to see this reply to test anything for you, but I am astonished at the amount of effort you put in to replicate this. I am beyond thankful. If there's anything you need to me to test further I'll gladly help.
  5. I'm getting a freeze every time I open the VAB with *just* TweakScale installed. No other mods other than dependencies, latest 2.4 version, no DLCs even. Log: http://sprunge.us/vSGvyd, unfortunately it doesn't really show anything. EDIT: After some quick bisect work, the last good version is TweakScale v2.4.6.10.
  6. I don't get why this is complaining at me (the red loop). There's more than enough radiator output.
  7. That was a different mod causing that issue (Kerbal Planetary Base Systems). With *just* Kerbalism+RR (all 3 directories), the resources still don't show on the Convert-o-Tron, nor the Kerbalism Chemical Plant, but they *do* show on the radial converters from the Parts mod. The log for the minimal install: https://files.catbox.moe/kj0zje.log (2MB)
  8. No luck. Downgraded but the RR conversions still aren't appearing. EDIT: Okay, I tried just running RR + Kerbalism (+ deps) installed and the stock Convert-a-Trons don't have it. I did add RR Parts and those *do* have the splitters. I guess either I just misunderstood how the Kerbalism support is meant to work, or this seems like a missing feature.
  9. I'm really not sure if I'm missing something, but I don't see any of the splitter recipes in the convert-o-trons (or whatever they're called). Running 1.11, JNSQ, Kerbalism, latest RR (with manually installed RationalResourcesKerbalism folder because CKAN doesn't include it?), and a whole lot of other mods: KSP log: https://files.catbox.moe/xwbijm.log (warning: 8MB) GameData listing: https://bpa.st/KORINLSTPVAHNO7ZGQSWHVATDM I'm really not familiar with ModuleManager syntax so I don't know if there's anything specific in the log that would show it not working, grepping seems to show it being applied but it's just not for some reason.
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