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  1. The secondary mirror stays aligned with with primary mirror and when the telescope is extended it is also put in line with the eyepiece so you can look through it. Hope that clears things up, reply again if I didn't explain it well.
  2. Fitting the name, I have a 10" collapsible dob.
  3. Yes. The user below me has 50+ mods installed.
  4. Banned for using '4' instead of 'for'
  5. It's worrying but lets hope that it works out this time around!
  6. Swap Vall with Moho, Duna with the Mun then put Dres.
  7. KSP 2 will make my computer sprout arms so it can save itself!
  8. Kerbal Space Program is the best rocket science game of all time, ri
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