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  1. I think they were asking if the mod includes craft files. The mod includes all the parts needed to make these soviet spacecraft and the .craft files Oh yes the mars landers would be great to see!
  2. Old ovin is very boring compared to the new one
  3. And I'm sure it won't be delayed anymore (unless the cause is something like weather) because the SLS is pretty much ready
  4. I think it will launch in december-janurary, considering it's fully stacked now. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/nasa-fully-stacked-for-moon-mission-readies-for-artemis-i
  5. When view the camera window it only shows up in colour even when I have black and white selected, is anyone else having this issue?
  6. I hope this doesn't come off as nagging, but how's the viking lander coming along?
  7. There have been other missions where certain components haven't worked properly and yet still turned out successful so I'm sure if it doesn't latch that it'll still work
  8. 2365: A table with a 1:100 scale model of the legendary kerbalX!
  9. Yes I saw that, hope they can get it working!
  10. Yes, certainly @Bej Kerman Have you ever took your dog for a walk?
  11. False TUBM has kerbal pin-ups
  12. Well I'll try but no guarantees on all of them
  13. @ColdJ Well first you're gonna need to learn rocket science, get back to me when you do that. Should my rocket keep my kerbals safe?
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