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  1. Hi! Possible wrong topic, sorry Some science name, and I need to find what part . Example: Contract: Experiments: Spectroscopy Scan. A long time to find: Photopolarimeter scan. Which mod that shows which science/experiment uses which tool?
  2. Hi! Why not see currently installed version, and install date?
  3. I have the same problem, send other rover, but not working. Mission not succes. (giant quartz, green sandstone)
  4. Hi! I use this mod: Kerbalow My problem is that there are tasks in it to test DDS, etc, on the surface. I dont want turn off this science, just I want it to only give me contracts that are in space. No in the surface, landing.
  5. Hi. How change UI position? UI text hide other ksp text (Entering area text, time warp text, etc.)
  6. Is it possible to control the OnBoard Camera with a keyboard?
  7. Dear jrodriguez! Can the KURS camera be shown in the OfCourseIstillLoveYou camera window?
  8. Dear linuxgurugamer! IS it possible for this mod to work with OfCourseIStillLoveYou? The two mods work together, but the onboard camera is not see in windows.
  9. Hi! I tried Veronique contract, i have rocket, but unchecked mass in the air.
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