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  1. I'm loving the visual and audio improvements, but there is a small but anoying bug that's driving me nuts. The Communitron 88-88's default state appears to be deployed, even though it is in actuality retracted. So this "deployment" is visual only, and it's non-visual behavior is still as expected. The only way to make the antenna apear retracted is to extend the antenna and retract it again, though the deployed apearance will revert when the vessel is reloaded. This effect is noticable in both editor and in flight. And it also appears deployed in the parts window, though all other antennas apear retracted.
  2. It's fair to say I have become reliant on this mod. I could not land on anything without it. However, there is one aspect of this mod that I've found to be very tedious: I find that I am constantly having to toggle "fixed body" on and off. I need it on when landing on pretty much anything, but especially for a fast-rotating non-atmospheric body like Minmus (though on any body, "fiixed body" is better for "in-flight" tracking). But if I leave it on all the time, it creates a terrible amount of visual clutter in eliptical and transfer orbit, which implores me to turn it off. However, the processes of toggling this option (which for me requires right clicking the Blitzy's Toolbar button to open the mod menu, toggling the option, then closing the menu again) gets very tedious after a while. Left clicking Blitzy's Toolbars button toggles the entire mod on and off, but I almost never need to disable the entire mod, just the fixed body tracking. It would be much more convienient to have a quick toggle button for "fixed body." However, considering that fixed body tracking is only needed when close to a celestial body, except maybe to show a synchronous orbit, I think a better soulution would be to have an option that allows the user to set a maximum altitude for fixed body tracking, above which it would stop.
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