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  1. Hi all, I installed this mod because it looks like it would help with a tricky station dock i have to execute. Looks great BTW. But the icon button is nowhere to be seen in flight mode. Running quite a few mods, including Kerbalism and JNSQ, on v1.12.2. Tried deleting it from the game data folder, reinstalling. No luck. Any thoughts? User98
  2. Thanks @Gotmachine. Have just done a quick test with autostruts on and the community patch sadly made no difference. No issues without autostruts, so I'll do another test with docking to see if that works.
  3. Hi all, I think I've got a reasonably controlled example of the kraken attack Gotmachine was talking about in his/her posts of 5 Sept (a couple of pages back). Apologies if this is in the wrong place to be posting or whatever - I'm new. I can reproduce it consistently with autostruts turned on, and subsequent to a series of set-up steps. The before shot was taken post launch into a 200km JNSQ orbit with a couple of course adjustments and warps, and in and out of map mode. No quick saves. No problems so far. The after shot was taken subsequent to switching to another vessel in LKO with a small course adjustment to that vessel, and then switching back again. As sure as night follows day it will engineer a kraken attack. With autostruts off, nothing happens. There's something similar going on around docking port use, but I haven't been able to control that properly yet. Anyway, just thought this might be useful to someone. It's a deal-breaker for me I think. It's so regular now with larger vessels that the game has become almost unplayable. I strongly suspect it's Kerbalism and the load it puts on my CPU, so very sadly am incline to rebuild a game without it. User98 Before: And after:
  4. Hi, I'm new. Please be gentle . Just bought the Making History dlc (yes, I know, only four years late) but my anti-malware program bounced it when I tried to download. The link does look suspect: //t2e6n8k7.ssl.hwcdn.net/KSP-Making_History_Expansion-en-us-1.12.1.exe?ttl I've chopped off the https prefix and tail to geld it. I have discovered some forum experience with the t2e6n8k7 thing: Anyone have any thoughts?
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