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  1. Kerbal: Dangerous DISCLAIMER: THIS MOD IS VERY EARLY IN DEVELOPMENT READ THIS BEFORE USING IT! Description This mod adds the ability to use a Frame Shift Drive (abbreviated FSD) in KSP, similar to the one from Elite: Dangerous This mod does not add any actual parts yet, since I didn't make a model/texture, but that will come rather soonTM I released an early version of this because a lot of people were asking me to release it to try it out, so I decided to make it available for everyone, so don't expect it to be bug-free or close to finished. How to install/use Since no actual parts are added so far, only a PartModule is provided that can be used to add the FSD Functionality to any part. A ModuleManager patch is provided in the download that will automatically patch the FSD Module to the stock Small Fuel Cell You can only enter supercruise/perform a jump while at 10km above the atmosphere or mountains of the body that you are around and will be kicked out of supercruise (emergency drop) if you go below this altitude. You can set action groups in the editor to toggle supercruise or to initiate a hyperspace jump or trigger these events in the right-click-menu of a part. while in flight. DEPENDENCIES: MODULEMANAGER (IF YOU ARE USING THE FUEL CELL PATCH) MISSING FEATURES (WILL BE ADDED LATER): Fuel Consumption, Electricity Consumption and Thermal Load Jump range limiting Only being able to jump to stellar objects Visual effects and sound effects Charging the frameshift drive, since right now it just immediately does the selected action Fuel scooping Fixing NullReferenceExceptions Screenshots (COMING SOON): DOWNLOAD LINK (SPACEDOCK): https://spacedock.info/mod/2862/Kerbal: Dangerous?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> SOURCE CODE (GITHUB): https://github.com/kAerospace/kspFSD License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL-3.0) Credits: @Cyne for the ModuleManager patch
  2. How different will modding be in KSP2? Will there be an easy way to port KSP1 mods to KSP2 (with minor tweaks to the code, potentially)
  3. Actually, KSP2 is a great way to update the codebase. KSP runs on code which originates from 2011, with many features added to it. KSP is poorly optimized in comparison to later games with a similar gameplay (like SR2 or something) and KSP2 is a great way to fix many of the flaws that came with the old code...
  4. Those Impulse drives could fit really well for an ED-Style ship... I need to try those out on my Type-10 Defender recreation!
  5. Finally an alternative to the default EL smelters, those don't look very uh... good..., unlike these ones!
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