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  1. I noticed that in the video, for part coloring, there are only 2 options: base color and accent color. Does this mean that we cannot place customized stickers or stripes and other graphics on parts? If this is the case, I strongly recommend taking this feature one step further, at least allowing us to insert pictures to customize our spaceship.
  2. All of us know that is "Politically correct". Then people ask why there is no red Kerbel? And color is a social subject, but not a political subject. We should keep this out. That's a people subject, not a Kerbals subject.
  3. I prefer C#, like KRPC in the orign game.
  4. I really hope that Kerbals can walk inside the colony building, as well as space ships.
  5. I used to think it was because building a nose cone needed electricity
  6. As we know, In the original game, it is very difficult to land accurately, especially for VAB. If you want to land on the launch pad accurately, you often need some codding mod(like KRPC/KOS, MJ is not accurate enough on a planet with atmosphere). But in KSP2, like the trailer shows, we well often land on a launch pad in a colony. Do you think will KSP2 provide any tool for landing, or what do you think about landing?
  7. I bet episode4 must be about multiplayer games. And the model is similar to mine craft.
  8. Thank you very much, and I will abide by the reprint rules.
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