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  1. What is the maximum efficient early game rocket to get to an orbit around kerbal? Fully early game - only thumper, swivel and reliant engines. What is the best rocket design. how much delta -v do I need. What trajectory should I choose?
  2. Do I need to setup additional tech-tree mod, so new part must be researched in the career mode? Are there any working alternatives to Career Evolution Contract Pack or Contract Pack: Historical Progression. Something that makes satellites, and yearly game viable.
  3. What are the best parts mods that complement this mod? (so i have historically accurate parts).
  4. Does it replace the default contracts or adds new ones? What is the best one for the current version of the game?
  5. In the career mode - are missions are essentially infinite, and they are just autogenerate? Or if you wait long enough you lose all the mission offers?
  6. Is there a way to store several crew reports?
  7. Does it work well in the career mode? (I mean does it change the tech tree?)
  8. Does this mod work well with the newest game version? How do I download and install it? Does it allow to change font size only (without scaling the whole UI).
  9. What are the best mods to start a new career? What are the best mods to start a new career mode? (I have never played long enough in the vanilla version). I don't like the sandbox mode, so I like where there is some handholding by the game, so you know your next objective. What I want: - more mission types (without removing old ones) - New parts, that are balanced. - Balanced and well-implemented game mechanics that work well with career mode.
  10. Does this mod only add new missions? Doesn't it replace any vanilla ones?
  11. All parachutes have two tweakable parametters an altitude and pressure. But what do they do? Is it an automatic system? I tried different settings but didn't notice the difference
  12. Transfer data/store data? Is the science is lost forever if I transfer data with the transfer bandwidth less than 100%? How do I store all the data? Can someone please explain to me how the science transferring works? If I have bad bandwidth/connection quality below 100% does it mean that if I transfer this particular data from this particular biome I will lose science points forever? So it is possible (if transferring data, not collecting it), to break the science/career mode and don't get enough science points to open up all available technologies, so I won't be able to use all technologies? Did I get it right? Or does mean that if you have a probe with 50% science transferring efficiency I will need two of these probes to get all available science points:? Is it ever a wise decision to transfer science with an efficiency below 100%, except in cases when you desperately need a few points to research something important to you? The second part of my big question - how does the manual data work? Does the command module have unlimited data capacity, so you can check and store an unlimited amount of biomes of crew reports? Is it true for EVA reports? So I do an EVA report, go back to the command module, and can make another EVA report? What about scientific instruments such as mysterious goo, thermometers? Can I use them several times in one mission? Or are they one-time use only?
  13. For some reason, It seems not to work in my case. I started a new career game. I see a button "EEX"; but when I click on it, nothing happens. Do I need to upgrade my hangar or something like that? Or is it a bug?
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