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  1. I have been reading through configs for RealPlume-Stock and the game itself, and tried to use them to create my own effect pack with only smoke effects. However, I think I jumped to conclusions and my configs don't do anything. Here's what I made: GameData\WaterfallSmoke\Squad\liquidEngineSSME.cfg @PART[SSME]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen,!ReStock] // S3 KS-25 "Vector" Liquid Fuel Engine { EFFECTS { running_closed { PREFAB_PARTICLE { prefabName = fx_smokeTrail_light transformName = smokePoint emission = 0.0 0.0 emission = 0.05 0.0 emission = 0.075 0.25 emission = 1.0 1.25 speed = 0.0 0.25 speed = 1.0 1.0 localOffset = 0, 0, 0 } } } } I copied the header from the RealPlume-Stock config with the Waterfall incompatibility removed, and the rest from the stock part config for the engine. What did I get wrong?
  2. I see that the code you gave me in the spoiler is a SmokeScreen config, however I have no idea where I should put it. As I said, I have not been able to find a good tutorial or documentation on SmokeScreen. It would be helpful if you could point me to wherever you learned to make these configs.
  3. Update: I have been working on the problem myself. I think I could work around the problem of Waterfall overriding RealPlume by removing the !StockWaterfallEffects tag from the NEEDS:[] field in the RealPlume-Stock configs. I wanted to start with the Vector engine for no particular reason. However, I cannot find the individual smoke effect in the plume config, located at [Game Directory]\GameData\RealPlume\000_Generic_Plumes\Deprecated\Hydrolox-Lower.cfg. My plan is still to isolate the smoke effect, and remove all other visual effects from the config file. With the Waterfall compatibility issue fixed, I'm hoping that the Waterfall plumes and the RealPlume smoke effects could co-exist without looking weird. The closest I could get to finding the smoke effect was line 264: name = #$/PLUME[Hydrolox-Lower]:HAS[~processed[*]]/plumeIdentifier$-plume_grey Have I found it, or should I continue to search?
  4. I'm using Stock Waterfall Effects, which works by itself, I'm just trying to add smoke to it.
  5. I'm using the Waterfall mod, but I don't like how there is no engine smoke. However, the Waterfall forum thread states that Waterfall is And I would like to use that compatibility. RealPlume prefabs would be perfect. But, as Waterfall overrides RealPlume, this would require me to Separate the RealPlume effects into smoke and plume And apply only the smoke along with the Waterfall plumes. The SmokeScreen Github wiki is incomplete, while the only followable tutorial for RealPlume that I could find utilizes Realism Overhaul, which I don't use. Does anyone know of a tutorial for making RealPlume/SmokeScreen smoke effects that is up-to-date and doesn't use Realism Overhaul?
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