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  1. Your screenshots are an absolute delight. Integrated Program Plan's LM-B space tug is the best thing ever.
  2. I don't think there's any workaround to it, and I doubt there will be since the development on the game as we know it has essentially ended. It is incredibly infuriating and I'm just glad I figured out the 'solution' to the constant resolution resets and have learnt to leave it alone now.
  3. Oh right, I just assumed they were X-37B-esque TUFROC. Do you know what they are?
  4. I know there's a thermal blanket thing lining under the hex TUFROC tiles, but I can't wait to see how the tiles with the slightly loose spacing between them perform at reentry.
  5. Gorgeous, looks like double glass. That's gonna give a hell of a view!
  6. I really liked the strange display caused after the staging manoeuvre between the Falcon 9's booster and the upper stage with their nozzles pointing at each other and lighting up the gases in vacuum from the CRS-23 mission the other day:
  7. Just catching up on the VOD, it's fascinating to see the design process and the complexity behind making these parts.
  8. This is fantastic, love the detail and looking forward to trying this out. Also curious if there's any further progress on the X-37B, been wanting a nice realistic model of it for ages and this is probably the best one I've seen of it. Keep up the good work @DylanSemrau!
  9. I love this mod. Will DockRotate be compatible with the 'Fix Stock Docking Nodes' mod? The dev there mentioned, "Will probably not be compatible or break other mods that use the stock ModuleDockingNode part module", which is also briefly mentioned in the OP here, but I don't know if it'll be incompatible.
  10. I don't usually use part mods, but the new dome habitation and greenhouse modules look absolutely incredible! Can't wait to try them, great work as always.
  11. Fantastic details! Do you find it tricky to construct all the smaller pipes and stuff in Blender from these old diagrams? (Blender, I'm assuming or Maya or anything else that you use)
  12. Restock's beautiful revamped part visuals for stock parts have quickly become a permanent mainstay in my game. Keep up the great work @Nerteaand team!
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