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  1. @linuxgurugamer any chance you can make this something we can access from the main menu to load any save we want when starting the game rather than loading into the game then loading a different save? Or do you have another mod that does this. I coulda swore you had something you revived that gave us a home menu load game option but that was some years ago I last used KSP.
  2. Been away from KSP for a couple years. Looking to set it up for a long game one time install of mods. So there's the list of suggested mods on RP1 wiki but is there a list of mods or mods you use with RP1 that are known to not break the game? Doing RP1 with sci Fi speculative realism. Also connections to systems outside our own if any will work with RP1. If anything requires more than simple ckan install (writing a compatibility script) then it would be beyond my know how.
  3. Any luck with this? Currently having same problem. Lo, Multi, VisLo and ResLo all stuck at 99.9%. EDIT: Polar orbit was just slightly off. Fixed and hit 100% on all.
  4. I always open the save file, search for 4.02 (or the closest number I can get) and make sure it's the DSN portion and set range and dsn to 1.0 and 4.0. I'm not sure about the disable comnet I always leave it enabled but honestly haven't made it far enough to know if it's working right. Just put my first satellite in orbit.
  5. Not sure if this matters much but noticed the tweakchutes.dll included with JNSQ is an earlier version (3.0) than the one included in Grannus Expansion (has 3.1 .dll). I'm good to just remove the tweakchutes.dll from JNSQ right?
  6. Whoops. That log musta been after I uninstalled tweakscale. Sorry bout that.
  7. Same message with anything after Just read (it's a work in progress skill for me) your message that another mod installed can mess with assembly loader and prevent tweakscale from loading. Here is my log file without tweakscale installed.
  8. Just tried installing JNSQ, GEP and GPP. Was crashing on game load with only dependencies for all 3 installed along with KK. Saw Linuxgurugamer posted in JNSQ about an endless memory problem with GPP and Kerbal Konstructs. Wondering if a solution was found.
  9. Last I played RP-1, if my memory hasn't totally failed, there is an option in settings you have to check to enable avionics stacking. If you didn't enable it, they won't stack.
  10. One more time, my apologies. I decided to try Kerbal Konstructs and saw even more errors pop up in the log file. All read along the lines of this: Are those also ignorable? Is Omega's no texture's required not required anymore? I tried without OSSNTR but then I just get a bunch of Kerbal Konstructs errors. Here's the full log file.
  11. Narrowed it down to the mod created by @Angel-125 , Blueshift. Here's 2 log files. First, before install of Blueshift and the second is after install. This error might mean something? I tried also disable anomalies and still makes every body visible. Could removing / editing the configs for both anomalies and jump gates so it doesn't set the last planet for both Sun and Grannus system? I'm guessing that's what forcing bodies to become visible?
  12. Thought I had it working for me with 1.12 but every body is visible as others have mentioned. Altering save file doesn't fix it unfortunately. EDIT: Maybe spoke too soon. Don't really want to start new game without this mod so I did a clean install and am working mod by mod to hopefully narrow down conflict. Will report back if / what I find.
  13. Did you ever find a solution? Also running into the same loop as you did with most of the same mods and then some.
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