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  1. This is my recently completed work. I am a military enthusiast. I hope to make more military aircraft and look forward to communicating with more friends.https://kdocs.cn/l/ccVMSYjkpkm2
  2. Welcome to back!!!
  3. Wow, I'm very glad to see you back. You're really a genius. I like this mod very much. I can't wait for the next update. I look forward to more cockpits. Love you
  4. I miss you very much. When can you come back
  5. Oh, by the way, I have another suggestion. Can the texture or camouflage and color of the turret be changed? Or can it reduce the effect of metal rust?
  6. I have another good idea. You can try Leclerc in France and type 10 in Mitsubishi in Japan
  7. Wow!welcome to back ~You are a genius, looking forward to the update of British and Chinese turrets Or the cold war turrets of the United States and Russia, such as M60 Barton or T80 Thank you for your efforts
  8. When you come back?
  9. Hello when you come back?I miss you very much!
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