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  1. Wow that is unbelieveable~ welcome to back ! expect ksr and cvx update soon~
  2. wow 太酷了 我想加入 非常荣幸 Wow, that's cool. I'd like to join. It's a great honor
  3. It is true that there are many glass windows in the cockpit of the Il-76, which may increase the manufacturing difficulty. However, you can refer to the A-50 early warning aircraft. It does not have many windows, which may reduce the manufacturing difficulty. Of course, I would be very happy to see the F-15 cockpit too, and I would like to donate money to you hhhhhh
  4. Wow, thank you and look forward to your works supporting you forever
  5. Wow If this comes true, I will be too happy to sleep. Thank you
  6. Wow, that's great. Thank you for your efforts. Could you update the cockpit of the Il-76? It's a good idea
  7. This is my recently completed work. I am a military enthusiast. I hope to make more military aircraft and look forward to communicating with more friends.https://kdocs.cn/l/ccVMSYjkpkm2
  8. Welcome to back!!!
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