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  1. Me.... Though there was this random time a big asteroid sniped the KSC.
  2. Ya'll getting load-times of like under 30 minutes, while I sit here waiting an hour for it start up.
  3. True. But I would say Kerbal eyes aren't the same as Human eyes.
  4. Noted. Wiki doesn't help me much though when the stats for the buildings all appear to be for Administration Building.
  5. I've always found the 3 level system for upgrading facilities too fast for my liking. I go from 30 part limit to 255 if I go from level 1 to level 2 in the VAB. And from 18 tons to 140 tons from level 1 to level 2 on launch pad. Is there a mod to make this more gradual?
  6. I added this to my gamedata folder but modified Cyran to be a sort of Planet 8 for the Kerbol System (well technically planet 9/10 with the mods I use). Hopefully it'll work good.
  7. This has bothered me for a month now. But the skybox has one issue that I can't get over. This effin seam line. It ticks off my OCD, and I hate it.
  8. To be honest, I don't know. It was fine until I installed this mod.
  9. Okay I'll admit I burst out laughing. Anyway, pretty sad to see the series end, I loved it a lot. The plot twist was pretty cool I will say. Anyway I had an idea, a series with Snarkiverse and Kerbol Origins? That would be pretty cool sometime.
  10. When installing this mod, the clouds added by Stock Visual Enchancements disappeared? I'm not sure what the problem is. Here is the list of mods I have installed. What's the problem here?
  11. Well if it's nearly pitch black out there, That gives me an actual reason to add lights to my ship.
  12. The values don't seem too accurate if I'm being honest. Plugging in the SMA for Sarnus from the Outer Planets Mod, the calculator throws out a value of about 0.33... but if you divide the insolation of Saturn by the insolation of Earth, you get a value of about 0.01... is this right?
  13. I've noticed with the latest update the icons for the smaller bodies seem to have disappeared, making it harder to track said bodies. Could you maybe fix that?
  14. Still does not explain the more defined features on the sun, but ok.
  15. I've noticed the graphics seem to have gone up a little more, you can make out more distinct surface features on the Sun...
  16. I went there. Don't you dare make your kerbal even take a single step... even walking is enough to send you on an escape trajectory.
  17. Just an idea, but a patch to add textures for the bodies in the outer planets mod would be nice.
  18. Am I able to use exponents in Kopernicus config files? It would save a lot of time.
  19. I've noticed that the map view is getting pretty crowded, and it's starting to make inter-planetary flight hard to see.
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