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  1. Hi, I'm new on the forums, so I can't message you. But I'm remaking this mod, and if you want to help or something you can find more info here -> or you can email me at [email protected] I haven't figured out how to randomize the systems yet. But I have updated the mod to 1.12.3, added a new resource and part, and gotten warping to new systems to work as well. if you want to see some of my other work for Minecraft look up attack on block on curse forge. I have made one mod for ksp before this mod. Its called the habitator mod. have a great day!
  2. hi I'm remaking this mod, the creator of the mod has given me permission to update this mod to 1.12.3. you can find the new version here -> mods can close this forum/topic if they want.
  3. thank you, but i can't take any credit. this was made by another user but abandoned. dont worry, i did email them and they gave me permission to revive this mod.
  4. Hi, i hope your having a wonderful day today! I would like to show you the updated version of the not so well known mod which is called.... Randomized systems! this updated version is for 1.12.3, and is somewhat working... I would like to get some feedback soon, but keep one thing in mind. This mod doesn't randomize your new systems yet. When i updated the mod, it didn't randomize the systems, and I am still learning C#. so here's a disclaimer, This mod Doesn't randomize new systems yet!! ok but here is how it works, you need a couple of things to warp. you need : - 1 warp crystal (for a one-way trip) - 1 warp drive optional: - warp crystallizer so first you press seed up until you have the desired alternate universe you want, and then you press warp. This will show an error, but that's ok. It does work, and if you have two ships in solar system 1, and you warp, there will only be one ship on the map since you are in a new universe/seed. To get back, press seed down until you get to the seed "1", and then press warp. you will then return to the original system. here's a showcase video: and here is the github: https://github.com/charz185/Randomized-KSP-Systems/releases license: GNU General public license v2 ^ found at LICENSE file in source
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