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  1. I made the SLS of NASA's Artemis project with stock parts only for KSP Version 1.12.1 if you are Interested on it Click here for the Download (KerbalX) Details Type: VAB Class: ship Part Count: 73 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.1
  2. KerbSat 2 is a continuation of another satellite, Kerbsat 1, which is a satellite that can be launched into the Kerbin's orbit In this continuation I expand the rocket's limit a little more and make the Kerbsat reach the Mun. Again if you are Interested on it Click here for the Download (KerbalX) Details Type: VAB Class: satellite Part Count: 44 Pure Stock Some Images
  3. KerbSat The KerbSat Mission will be responsible for carrying a satellite in a rocket to Kerbin’s orbit. That's All, Im not so good on developing rockets but yes i did this small satellite for fun. Details Type: VAB Class: satellite Part Count: 32 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.1 If You are Interested Download it Here
  4. i have some mods installed like Editors Extension Redux ill try to uninstall it cuz i tried but it didnt worked Yea it was the mod thank you for helping me!
  5. Hello Forum! Im new here and i would like to know how to get signatures since they seem to be cool!
  6. I was playing recently and i went to put fairing in my craft, the object was too big for that and i wanted to use the Toggle Snap Angle/Height tool but when i went to use it it was saying ''none'' key and now i don't know how to fix it. can someone help me?
  7. Im new and idk how to design rover landers but i will try
  8. Sounds good for me! challenge accepted. hold on just saw the post not simple at all... lol
  9. I don't know if this is the correct topic but I dare you to challenge me to do something in kerbal space program you decide what it will be. Im making this for fun and because im currently bored so give me ideas please
  10. Sorry for putting on the wrong topic and also thank you!
  11. Is there any improved camera mod? I'm kinda of new to the PC version of KSP so it's my first time actually testing mods.
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