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  1. When you say powered landing, can I use parachutes to slow down to, say, 10m/s and then the touchdown be powered or must there be no chutes at all?
  2. Do Visual mods make a difference Because, say, if there was someone with no visual mods, and then someone else with AVP with 48k Kerbin clouds etc., and they found the same spot, or the one without mods found a better spot, would it make a difference
  3. In the main menu I get ~300fps (with a 300Hz screen), and in "Space Center" view, I get ~140fps. When in a craft on Kerbin surface/flying trough Kerbin atmosphere I get ~30fps, and when in Kerbin orbit, with camera pointed away from Kerbin I get ~65fps, and when looking at Kerbin I get ~50fps When near Mun, I get 100fps when looking away/85fps when looking at the Mun, so I'm thinking it has to do something with either Scatterer or AVP's atmosphere components Near Eve it's 60fps looking away/~43fps looking at. Thing is, I'd be more than happy with these FPS' if I didn't get 100+ yesterday Specs: Ryzen 9 6900HX RTX 3070 Ti Mobile 16GB 4800Mhz RAM (Visual) Mods: AVP with 8k textures DE_IVA Extension EVE Redux (as AVP dependency) Parallax Scatterer TUFX (default profile) Waterfall Settings: Terrain detail: High; Terrain Scatters True; (Terrain) Scatterer Density: 100% Render Quality: Fantastic; Texture Quality: Full Res; Aerodynamic FX Quality: Normal; Reflection Refresh mode: Every frame; Reflection Texture resolution: 2048; Terrain Shader Quality: High Resolution: 1920x1080; Anti-Aliasing: 8x; V-sync: Every second V-blank; Frame Limit: Default (Changing it doesn't do anything); Pixel Light count: 64; Shadows Cascades: 4 Mod settings: Scatterer: High; Kopernicus: All default Again, I'd be happy with these FPS' if yesterday they weren't some 70fps higher
  4. Maybe something like a (commercial) space station, with a contract objective to launch a new ship (station) into orbit, in two or more launches and have 5 tourists visit it? I don't really understand if you're looking for contracts, ideas for sandbox, or something else entirely
  5. Thought so, I'll give this a shot later today
  6. Are mods allowed? Near Future Spacecraft add some pretty OP monoprop engines with thrust of liquid fuel engines, and efficiency of nuclear engines. I'm talking 2000m/s, maybe even 3k with a Mk3-1 command pod and smallest fuel tank
  7. @swjr-swis Your entry is valid, and I'm going to use your point system Cost is what the rocket costs in VAB. So, before recovery
  8. Boosters are counted, it wasn't thinking really straight when I posted this yes, quicksaving and quickloading is absolutely allowed. As in: Drop booster, F5, land booster, F9, get to orbit
  9. Fair enough. While testing the craft I did control the boosters, and for the final screenshots it didnt seem necessary I will include screenshots of landing when i boot KSP up later today I said in another reply that FMRS is allowed
  10. It is allowed, but that launch would count under the "modded" ranklist Yes Uhhhh.... let's count that as Propulsive because you are controlling the rocket's descent
  11. Well, landing is a landing. It makes sense to use landing legs, or other parts to serve as it. Landing on the runway would be 90% of LaunchPad points and i am not sure about the end of the question e: not sure as in i dont understand the question. the ocean part
  12. I will first check submissions on 10-05-2022 at 15.00 GMT (UTC), and probably every day at that time. You can submit entries earlier, but I probably won't be able to look at them before 15.00 because of school/other responsibilities. Proposed by u/AutomaticDoubt5080 on r/KerbalSpaceProgram Submitions must include screenshots/videos of every launch phaze (liftoff, booster sep, booster recovery, core sep, core recovery, upper stage reentry, upper stage recovery) and a screenshot inside the VAB Rules: Central core must be Size 2 (2.5m) Must have three cores. Cores do not have to be the same size; It must be fully reusable, second and later stages included; Must not be an SSTO; Can be both remote-controlled and crewed; No cheats (Kraken drive, Alt-f12 menu, KAL glitch etc.). Every type of recovery is valid. You will, however, get extra points for propulsive landings. Mods that count as stock: Visual (AVP, EVE, Scatterer, Parallax, ReStock etc.); Information (Kerbal Engineer, Trajectories etc.). Mods that count as modded: Part mods (NFT, ReStock+ etc.); Autopilot mods (MechJeb); ANY MODS THAT CHANGE GAME DYNAMICS, ADD PARTS, CHANGE PHYSICS etc. MODDED PARTS ARE ALLOWED AS PAYLOAD Sorry if this is put together poorly, I'm not very skilled at making posts. Point table: FIRST STAGE: Parachute (ocean) [20p] Propulsive (ocean) [50p] Parachute (land) [60p] Propulsive (land) [75p] Propulsive (LaunchPad) [100p] Parachute (LaunchPad) [125p] Propulsive (Drone ship) [150p] Parachute (LaunchPad) [175p] SECOND AND LATER STAGES: Parachute (ocean) [30p] Propulsive (ocean) [70p] Parachute (land) [80p] Propulsive (land) [100p] Propulsive (LaunchPad) [150p] Parachute (LaunchPad) [175p] Propulsive (Drone ship) [200p] Parachute (Drone ship) [250p] Drone ship-an object in the ocean, put there by you. Can be cheated into position, but must not move during landing Stock rank list: Rank Username Points Price 1 Thundrevv 50 205 420 1 QF9E 3.260 70555 2 swjr-swis 1.642 133 406 Mod rank list: Rank Username Points Price Rank is calculated using average of points and price, at the rate of points * 1000 / price. My (stock) take. I used ReStock+ for dummy payload, not the craft itself.
  13. Hey, does this mod conflict with DE_IVA Extension?
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