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  1. KSP Openmct has just been updated to version 1.2.0! Changelog added the stock resources like Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer etc Added a tool to ad your own resources (If you're playing modded or realism overhaul the stock resources wont get you too far.) to use it type java -jar AddResources.jar "example Resource" in a command line The original post will be updated in a few minutes
  2. KSP Openmct has just been updated to version 1.1.0! Changelog Made the code clearer and easier to maintain Added folders About the folders: I put everything in folders that was grouped together by telemachus. For some things I didn't know what to name the folders so I just gave them one letter names like telemachus does. If you have some idea how to name them please let me know! The original post has been updated to reflect these changes as well
  3. It was precisely because I found that repo that I made this. You see, that plugin is outdated and doesn't work with the current version of openmct anymore, that's why I wrote a new one That's something I wasn't aware of, I'll look into it
  4. This is a plugin for openmct, NASAs mission control software, aimed at making telemetry from ksp usable Features So far, I've implemented most of the available telemetry from Telemachus as seen here, except for the parameterized stuff like resources There are also Folders now but not all are named correctly. I just put everything that's grouped together by telemachus into the same folder and named it accordingly where I knew what to name it. where I had no idea what to name it I just gave it the letter telemachus groups them by. I'd be glad if you could help me find a name for those folders Add your own Resources KSP Openmct is able to track all the stock Resources like Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer etc. But what if you play with mods and have other resources like Kerosene. Well it's simple, as long as you have java installed, Just go into the ksp openmct directory and type in java -jar AddResources.jar "Example Resource" Note that the quotation marks are important Why Java? I had to find a way to make this tool platform independent. As I'm not that skilled in Javascript yet and had no idea how to do it with javascript/node.js I chose Java as I guessed that a lot of people already have that Install guide First you need the Telemachus mod for KSP. It is the mod that makes telemetry available for this plugin. Then you need to install Node.js so openmct can run. Use git to clone this repository (This has the advantage of being easier to update) or if you don't know how to use git just download the source code from one of the releases. Then open a command line in that directory and run "npm install" to install the needed dependencies. Finally, run "npm start". That's how you start openmct. All you need to do now is head to http://localhost:8080/ in your browser, and you can see openmct. If you want to close it, head to the command line you typed in the "npm start" and simply press CTRL+C If you want to learn how to use openmct, try NASAs Demo Help Needed This is my first javascript program so there might be quite a few bugs. If you notice any of them, please report them to me. If you have any ideas for new features tell me so as well. There are now folders as explained above but not all are named accordingly, I'd be glad if you could help me find a name Buy Me A Coffee KSP Openmct is and always will be free. If you still want to support me you can buy me a coffee! License
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