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  1. @GevdeiI have around the same amount of mods, also welcome to the forum!
  2. I know it wasn't any of the 4 main Kerbals, they perished back in the days of when I was first starting out, or so I think. I can only confirm that Bob is dead; I am convinced that the other 3 went through the multiverse.
  3. I come back to this? What happened @Space Kerbalisation Tech?
  4. I enjoy my marching music, but this one has occupied my head for a bit!
  5. A quick roll around to grab some science, and we have enough for general rocketry! "shart fart 3" It's time for BCSA to break through the atmosphere, which is at 91,000 km when rescaled. Liftoff! Staging stuff Passed 91,000 km! Attempting to orbit Kerbin (didn't work) I had to keep the stage on to make sure that the capsule didn't overheat. Don't worry, just some fins! Jeb blacked out for a bit, whoops, probably due to the steep re-entry angle. Splashdown! Science gained afterwards: Tech tree:
  6. "shart fart 2" After adding a decoupler to the "shart fart 1," Bekfast Central Space Agency (that's what BCSA stands for) can ensure the safety of Jeb (well uh, almost). Reach a record height of 14,326 m, "shart fart 2" gets BCSA closer to escaping the atmosphere! (I forgot to take a screenshot) A gentle descent Landed! No changes to the tech tree were made.
  7. I decided to try out the Rescale! mod by Galileo88 on 2.5x scale. The stock parts are supposed to be balanced, meaning that I can't send a small rocket into orbit without having to add more boosters. I will be using MechJeb to help me out with some stuff. Some mods that I am using are Strategia, MechJeb, DE-IVA extension, Restock, and various part mods. Let's begin! (Also, don't question the names I give my rockets, I ask some people from a Discord server what to name my rockets) The Shart Fart Program END GOAL: Get into orbit. "shart fart 1" I started out by making that flea rocket that everyone makes and accepted some easy contracts. And now, the "shart fart 1" is ready to launch! I decided to launch towards the ocean, instead of straight up due to instances where the parachute breaks after going too fast during descent. Landed! (and some science gathered) Tech tree:
  8. Congratulations! The creativity of this forum brings many great things to the KSP community!
  9. Banned because misspell of leet speak.
  10. Here's one from me - Battle of the Heroes (or Battle of the Kerbals): Land on Rask and Rusk with the same vessel.
  11. That cinematic was amazing! Artemis 3 maybe?
  12. I forgot a mod's name, so here's what is does: Whenever you take a screenshot; it shows some information in the bottom left corner. Ship name, crew, date, location, altitude, and passengers. If you know what mod I am talking about, please let me know, thanks!
  13. the 2.5 meter cargo bay can't fit a standard sized rover. It is more of a satellite rocket.
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