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  1. Well I have no good photoshop skills, so I can't help. Find a simple artist? Also, you said in the page name: "Looking for someone to make a simple image larger"
  2. (deleted the image, no point in keeping it if you didn't want it)
  3. Or cameras could be used for epic first planet landings, like on the Apollo Program LMs.
  4. Scott Manley kerbals should be added into KSP 2 for funny stuff. I think in some mods, kerbals have beards.
  5. Phone isn’t letting me so i can upload it later today
  6. I have left the parachute with the Flea stage too many times in career mode.
  7. I resized it, which is the only thing I can do with confidence. I am afraid that I will try to add something and make it look bad
  8. Maybe the research stations could grow if the research area is very profitable in terms of science.
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