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  1. the 2.5 meter cargo bay can't fit a standard sized rover. It is more of a satellite rocket.
  2. With the fairing, it flies good. I'll test it with a payload in LKO and attempt to go to Duna.
  3. i put a crappy fairing around it. could this thread be closed or something please?
  4. @Rutabaga22The shape of the spaceplane makes it impossible for me to fly it. I am going to have to add a crappy fairing to allow it to make it to space. It has about 7500 m/s of delta v, which is barely enough to make it to Duna orbit and back.
  5. When I start out launching, the rocket is fine. Whenever I start the gravity turn, it flips! Can you help me solve this problem? There is a column of reaction wheels inside the rocket, slightly offset to the back (west direction, since this spacecraft faces east). I did that to keep the center of mass in the middle. This probably should be moved, I forgot to add.
  6. when I can confirm that it flies, I will upload it. so far it can't fly.
  7. @Rutabaga22 here's the rocket completed, no testing has been done yet. If the stability is non existent, I might have to add something that helps with that. The cargo bays are from "Damichel's cargo bays"
  8. Try the tutorials and research the basics of spaceflight. It helped for me whenever I started
  9. Banned for mentioning angry birds.
  10. Never mind, I found a mod with 2.5 m cargo bays.
  11. I'm having a bit of trouble with the cargo bay from the set, any suggestions or mods? Also, I'm trying my best to use stock parts, the only modded parts are the winglets (from the buffalo mod).
  12. I sort of built it a few months ago. To be completely accurate with the set, I need to remove the second stage from my craft.
  13. At least the game is coming out! I'll do as much in KSP 1 as I can before then
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