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  1. I am currently reading the Emiko Station Saga, and I am loving it! I never knew it was a thing until this library was made!
  2. From what I read, you want to send a travelling space station to Duna orbit and have a craft land from that, then return to Kerbin orbit, while the crew lands back on Kerbin in a different vehicle? Seems like the Martian, but without the rescue mission. I will try my best for some tips. Stock that space station with a good amount of fuel, so you don't have to send a bunch of refuelling crafts. Add some solar panels, as Duna is good enough for solar energy. Don't make the station to large in part count to prevent lag. If you want a transfer stage, make it nuclear for maximum efficiency (I know ion engines are way more efficient, but you'll crash into Kerbin before the burn is done). Add some crew space, because a Mars trip in an Apollo CM is not good for the crew. For the crew transfer, a dragon capsule is a good choice due to its built in docking port and small engines. I can't do mods, as I am on Enhanced Edition, but I know that there are a few SpaceX mods that can be used. If you don't want mods, look up some easy transfer vehicle designs, from real history or KerbalX. This is everything that I can think of, I am sure there are more good design stuff.
  3. You do have a large number of engines, maybe try lowering the number?
  4. If you have terrain scatter on, maybe turn it off. Check the engine count? It might just be a bug/glitch.
  5. While I cannot see the video, I recommend using a mk1 pod, a oscar b tank, and a mammoth engine. Turn on infinite propellant and ignore max temperature. Launch it. Now you have a fast craft with only 3 parts, and the frame rate goes up!
  6. I did the first making history mission and it was ok. Maybe if the objectives were more "Kerbal," it would gain more popularity.
  7. might happen, but with the vab screenshots from long ago, it showed premade tanks
  8. Maybe something like the Jamestown base from For All Mankind?
  9. Jeb just saw a plane fly under the R&D bridges, and into the VAB
  10. 2390: It seems to be a replica of space... "Why am I not dying?" You ask yourself. You float to the next floor...
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