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  1. On 4/8/2022 at 4:01 PM, Volcomlancer said:

    I really only made it past a couple milestones on the original ksp on console; A couple mun landings and one time only had to put a runber band and time warp run a kerbal for 10 hours to meet up with the previous crew.  Landed on minmus and somehow got a flyby of eeloo once but couldn’t recreate it. Never able to get back from any of those but still i was happy with the progress. After all that the ksp2 news came and i stopped and thought it would be smart to learn more on ksp2. The release date is still kind of up in the air but i really want to play some ksp lol should i jump into ksp1 again (i play science mode) or wait out the dev period of ksp2?

    I had the same situation, but I had gotten a computer. Going to KSP 1 was a great choice

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