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  1. Is the deep resource scanner a ship part, a large station part (by large station, I mean the ones that we can launch ships from) or a colony part? Also, the geothermal plant output should be dependent on location (more energy if near a volcano) and there should be a regularly changing wind speed for all places on each planet/moon with atmosphere that determines the turbine output together with the pressure. I also noticed that the rocket launched from the orbital launch clamps in the test scene is the same as the one in the trailer.
  2. I have heard that career (or "mission mode") will be somewhat like this.
  3. It would be cool if we could do different things (such as normal gameplay on one and IVA on another) on each screen if we have dual screens.
  4. In KSP1 there is a slider called "Wheel Authority". I think it will be in KSP2 too. Also, i often use SAS (especially directional in that case) if it is difficult to control it manually.
  5. Colonies will likely function exactly as this. I mean that I think it will be possible to have colonies on Kerbin.
  6. Magnets cannot contain photons (as he said, it would truly be reality-defying). But we can contain medium-vawelength (infrared to ultraviolet) photons using a closed 3d mirror.
  7. I mean cameras that transmit their images back to the RnD for research. not docking port cameras whose images cannot be viewed again after having been taken.
  8. Will the original "base" ship type from KSP still exist?
  9. Among the improved modding features mentioned on the KSP2 webpage, there must be a DDS/MU editor to create new parts easier, and an integrated planet editing code so we can add/edit planets/moons/stars without needing a "background mod" (such as Kopernicus for KSP1) for this.
  10. But there should be difficulty options for that: 1. All planets are fullly known from the start. 2. All planets have already been discovered, but we need a closer look to determine everything exactly. 3. As @KerikBalmsaid.
  11. I want it to be a similar beamed power mechanic as in the KSP Interstellar Extended mod for KSP1.
  12. I want several camera parts that can send back images to Kerbin (either as recovery or transfer) and that they should give science when received. There should also be a tab in the R&D interface that allows players to see those images. In the VAB information tab, it should stand whether the images have colors (yes, early game cameras should be B&W only) and their image resolution, The image list in the R&D should say planet, location/altitude , date/time, data value, science value and camera type for each image. (+Effects (noise and/or low resolution) and less science if transmitted from a high distance/using a weak antenna?)
  13. But how will we CREATE new colonies?
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