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  1. Is there a way to download it without CKAN?
  2. Despite Skylab being reworked in 1.10, it still does not have an IVA. I mean that the wet workshops DO have an unique IVA, but the OWS and FRM has a black IVA and the EFB-ESM uses the PPD-10 IVA.
  3. Can someone say EXACTLY how to install it? I followed the instructions on the Github page, but the mod does not do anything. I do not know which log that can be used to diagnose it. Edit: Completely reinstalled the game and got it to work.
  4. I put the Blueshift subfolder of that folder to the Gamedata folder instead of the whole wildblueindustries folder. The difficulty settings show up correctly, but nothing else. I tested it in sandbox mode.
  5. I cannot see any Blueshift parts. Can someone describe how to correctly install it?
  6. I dont think things will be optional. There will most likely not be RSS in stock KSP2, and the other features will very likely always be enabled in stock.
  7. At least, there is now a more accurate release date than just "somewhen in 2022"
  8. But it has many gaps and only covers one side, and when I place it, the game says "Module ModuleCargoBay is not an IScalar Module"
  9. KSP 2 should have a built-in application or applet for shanging Paint 3d files into a texture and mesh file that can be understood by Unity, as they mentioned better modding features.
  10. Yes, Module Mananger is needed for mest other mods, so it needs to be integrated into vanilla.
  11. Is the deep resource scanner a ship part, a large station part (by large station, I mean the ones that we can launch ships from) or a colony part? Also, the geothermal plant output should be dependent on location (more energy if near a volcano) and there should be a regularly changing wind speed for all places on each planet/moon with atmosphere that determines the turbine output together with the pressure. I also noticed that the rocket launched from the orbital launch clamps in the test scene is the same as the one in the trailer.
  12. I have heard that career (or "mission mode") will be somewhat like this.
  13. It would be cool if we could do different things (such as normal gameplay on one and IVA on another) on each screen if we have dual screens.
  14. In KSP1 there is a slider called "Wheel Authority". I think it will be in KSP2 too. Also, i often use SAS (especially directional in that case) if it is difficult to control it manually.
  15. Colonies will likely function exactly as this. I mean that I think it will be possible to have colonies on Kerbin.
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