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  1. I hope it changes in the future as NFE does need an update as I feel it's models are lacking behind. On the other hand I think that more work on ksp 2 could really help in the quality and time of the release.
  2. Are you still planning to work on the roadmap with you now being a developer for ksp2?
  3. Say I wanted one version with lots of mods than another version with not a lot, how would I have to separate game versions. Would CKAN work with this?
  4. SE: The gas you breathe in comes out the other end at inconvenient times. SP: I can put anyone to sleep
  5. I mean. Is there a way to at least get rid of the liquid hydrogen?
  6. To look good. I want to still keep the game to as stock as possible. But I also want these sweet looking tanks.
  7. Is there anyway to remove the b9 part switch module thingy so its only liquid fuel and oxidiser?
  8. What does the thing in the toolbar do. I can only toggle it on and off. Is it for enabling/disabling the mod? Also a guide to all the setting would be helpful as it is a bit confusing and you say that the default is 1 in 50 but I have to set that myself if I want it.
  9. What are the best graphic settings for this mod?
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