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  1. Originally there were no cones, then planetary cones were added, and the satellite targeting was never adjusted to work with a cone. Not much effort to change it though. I think. I've rewritten that section three times since then and the official release is still using the first revision .
  2. About comparing distance to signal delay, there's currently an issue where the signal delay is calculated wrong and not only scales with distances, but with number of satellite hops. It's on the list of things to fix. *rolleyes*. Related, the project is definitely in need of more contributors. Some management positions have opened up and more help with coding wouldn't exactly hurt.
  3. 64-bit has strange issues with research, might even be related to stock rather than RT.
  4. If anyone is interested in joining the Remote Technologies Group, the group that now maintain the mod, just contact Erendrake, Starstrider42, Peppie23 or Warrenseymour. Even better: just start improving it and submit a pull request on GitHub. There's plenty of bugs to fix!
  5. With the default range model, if A's strongest dish is 50Mm, and B's strongest dish is 70Mm, you need to get within 50Mm of each other.
  6. I agree with Xiong on some points, but the best way to get your voice heard is to put in a feature proposal at the GitHub issue tracker. For example, I just wrote out this proposal:
  7. Much thanks to Warrenseymour, Starstrider42, Erendrake for continuing the project!
  8. So it turns out Amaroq might not be present anymore. Would all parties interested in taking over the project contact me over PM so that we can sort something out over the coming week? Hoping to make this community developed, but it would require one or more people coordinating everyone. Of course, if Amaroq shows up and is willing, all is well.
  9. I put my source online: Handing over the reigns to Amaroq. I hope he can get a community developed continuation going. So if you're interested in contributing, go ask him. Not that I can make demands, but I'd prefer if the code was kept modular and testable, so that it can perhaps be used as an example for other future modders. RemoteTech 0.22/0.23 will not be on Curse as I don't approve of them, but do whatever you like for the next version. Putting the releases on github via either their release system or static webpage would be a nice way. Peace.
  10. Boycotting Curse by the way. RemoteTech will be spread via the GitHub repo. GitHub has an excellent release system these days.
  11. GitHub should have project transferring functionality. I'll handle it.
  12. As said, not entirely stepping down yet, I'd like to finish what I'm currently working on even though it might have a bit overkill architecture. Though perhaps I should let everyone in on that mess of a build instead of keeping it till it's done. I'd like to take a lead position still as it requires less time than coding the damn thing. For documentation, starstrider42 was working on a full user guide, and my go-to guy for modelling is Kommit, who did an amazing job on the KR-7 and KR-14 dishes. So, should we convert the project to a community effort then?
  13. Some have stepped forward actually. I may take up on the offer once I get something stable going that can be iterated upon.
  14. Like I said, code is GPL. If anyone wants to take on the project, let me know. It'd have to be a fork and not a continuation since I'm not -dropping- the project quite yet. However my local version of the code is not in a state that I wish to leave to anyone. Better to fork it from the 0.23 christmas release. I'm massively conflicted here. I want to continue devving, but I don't want to disappoint people by taking so damn long.
  15. I can't deliver on time, but I can deliver. Eventually. I can't just let the mod die or disappoint JDP in this fashion. Once a revamp of the project is out, I could update on a feature-by-feature basis. All this mess started because I changed the entire architecture of the plugin and added twenty features at once on top of it. That's how I wish to leave the project as well, and I will work towards that. But that won't be at the release of 0.24.
  16. Yeaaaah..... With the experimentals around the corner and my progress ever so slow it might be a good idea to put the project on hiatus. Coding 40h a week for a living really kills the motivation. If anyone wants to fork the project, the code is GPL-licensed. You'll have to get artwork permission from carmics and kommit, although I don't think they would mind. Let me know as well though, I can only endorse one of them. I'll be putting myself in a feature freeze - no more silly architecture changes or extra features until I get a release out. Most of this code is local and not on the github repo. You'll find the botched 0.23 release under the Master branch. The Develop branch is my personal playground so I wouldn't advise using that - it doesn't reflect my current local code anyway. I've been fearing pushing for a long time ever since people started pull requests for bugfixes in clearly unfinished code. (I appreciate the sentiment, but creeeppyyyy) Yes, I do still plan on putting out a release, but I don't want to get everyone's hopes up. You've been waiting for a loooong-*** time and I feel I can't deliver. Once I got a job and moved twice in a three month span my life got twist turned upside down, so I'd like to take a----Let me cut off the Fresh Prince joke right there. So, yeah, sorry. I've been delaying long enough.
  17. One of these days I'll actually stick to gitflow. I've been making progress on that at work, not so much at home.
  18. After 0.24, I should probably take on someone to co-develop this monster. I've Starstrider42 to help with user documentation (thank god), but someone else to go over the issues list would be a nice load lifter. That said, I'm currently (still...) not in a releasable state - gonna wrap up my dependency container this weekend and then I'll see what to do next... Coding as a hobby gets pretty annoying when coding is already a fulltime job. Does anyone know how to force myself not to work on 20 features at once D:?, I rarely commit to github these days because I'm afraid people will try to compile an incomplete build and then ask for help...
  19. There's an issue with the new engine partmodule, the FX one. Current version still has no support for those even though I have the fix for it ready.
  20. I'm aware, but to do a release, the code would need to be in a releasable state, and it hasn't been like that since 0.22, because I'm an idiot who can't complete a feature or redesign before starting on the next.
  21. Oh yeah nevermind the fact that I haven't started that and a ton of other stuff while 0.24 is close. *hits self*