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  1. i am curious to see how this will turn out but in the back of my mind there are two questions. how much of the dev team is as passionate as the early squad team was. and how much is take-two gonna screw it up. im very afraid that take-two will start meddling in it. dumbing it down to appeal to a wider audience, add microtransactions, rushing the development (ksp 1 has taken years to get where it is and is still not finished and now probably never will be) and i hope that ksp 2 is not just a sticker they slapped on the old one as a quick cash in. i love ksp but i am afraid
  2. ah thanks for the lead and the quick reply, this is unlike anything i have ever seen before.
  3. a while ago i was stumbling through youtube's backcatelog when i found a old CGI demo, in this video a attack helicopter deploys 2 little drones that seem to navigate by some sort of explosion based maneuvering system. is this based on anything in reality? dos this concept have a name and is there any research done into it. is it viable (even in a lower gravity environment) i'm very interested it this way of navigating 3D space.
  4. NASA's budget is decreasing every year and china, India, ESA, Russia and japan are making strides in the exploration of space, so there is a chance that the first flag planted on mars might not be the stars and stripes of the USA. who do you think will be the first nation/organization to land a man/woman on a different planet? and will they even plant a flag or is that waist of space and weight to carry all the way to mars? anyway i would like the hear what everybody thinks.
  5. most components cant be 3D printed because they are to complex. however you could use a metal with a given resistance, and by making the track wider or smaller you could alter the resistance. all other components have to be pre made.
  6. hi, i am a student electrical engineering and the other day i had a idea when i lay in bed. as a hobby i work with 3D printers, reprap printers to be exact. what if you integrate a pick and place machine with the printer. for the people that don't know, a pick and place machine assembles circuit board. if you make a 3D printer that could integrate electrical components and connect them using some sort of metal (soder) filament, it could make 3 dimensional circuit board or product with electronics in its casing. wel thats my idea. dos any one know if i am the first? -basbr
  7. I just found the most crazy brilliant idea today. http://www.tethers.com/papers/SpiderFab_SpringNIAC_v6.pdf the robot go's by the name of spiderfab its a spider robot that literally prints (parts of) space stations. if this ever gets of the ground it would be a big step forward for construction in space. follow the link in the top for some more information, and let me know what you think about this.
  8. basbr

    Thank You

    spoiler i added a color mask so its a bit more clear http://bas126.deviantart.com/art/Ksppic-413561627?ga_submit_new=10%253A1384456450&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1
  9. I'm afraid you wont find it there. I had them in my shop for a short period of time before i was told to take them down due to SQUAD copyright.
  10. well its up here, if they want I gladly send them the file
  11. this is a 3D print i made a while ago I ordered it to be printed by shapeways. It is not for sale. KSP©SQUAD
  12. i see what you'r getting at, but adding something like that would be very hard because the wheels are placed by the player and there position is not known ahead of time for example, you say its all relative to the centre of the rear axle. how do you define the rear axle if the vehicle has 6 wheels or 2. what if the wheels are angled. I see the problem and there is no easy way to solve it. I suggest driving a little more careful and having rovers with low centre of gravity
  13. maybe, i think it can make it back to orbit. i dont know if it can make it back to kerbin.
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