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  1. It's been 8 years already? Wow, those years went by so fast! Kudos to the devs for supporting KSP for so long. Not many high-profile developers do that nowadays.
  2. Just now I discovered this thread. Scrolled through the pictures. What mad contraptions am I seeing?! Amazing are the possibilities with such a teeny addition to the game. Keep them coming everyone!
  3. After 2 years of absence from the game I re-acquainted myself with an old friend, the Mun. I made Jeb land a craft onto the surface. Of course, now he's stranded there. I should've figured it wouldn't be as easy as slapping lander legs on my Mun-orbiter and calling it a day...
  4. Your pretty much right. In the years of playing KSP, I've come to believe that rockets don't become much bigger once you leave Kerbin. A manned munshot rocket only needs a little extra fuel tank to make it interplanetary. The low dV requirements of outer space make it so.
  5. Landing legs made from decouplers (my favorite) or AV-R8 Winglets because you had to.
  6. I myself have a 3dconnection Space Navigator for which I can confirm works with the current version of KSP on my computer. For this I installed only the latest official driver. I know there are some other 3rd party drivers which enable you to map the 3d mouse axes like a normal joystick, but these can give compatibility issues.
  7. Is it an old device? Because it sounds to me as a dirty old potentiometer. You could try to use one of the other axes (the red or blue one) to see if the problem is also present on those.
  8. Along with a certain altitude, another requirement that accompanies the request is you being either below or above said altitude. It's easy to forget this after going, say, above a given altitude for a certain number of waypoints. This extra requirement can even be different per waypoint in the same contract. For instance, when you need to take a crew report for 3 destinations, 2 can be above 8km, 1 waypoint is below 7km. Check the contract to the letter.
  9. Could you provide a screenshot? It would make it easier for us to help. Are you using a probe-core? Some can't use SAS. Are the solar panels (small?) delivering enough electricity for the (big?) SAS? Look at the detailed fuel panel on the right to find out.
  10. Oude topic, maar toch handig en leuk om te zien dat "oude bekenden" van het forum toch "stiekem" Nederlands, Belgisch of Zuid-Afrikaans blijken te zijn!
  11. While cycling to work I say a little baby gull. It was making cute sounds. These kind of things always make my day! As annoying the adult gulls are, my heart melts when I see the little ones. The breeding season is almost over here, but there are always some latecomers. I don't mind...
  12. When I hear your problem, 2 things come to mind. If you've used some trimming (alt + attitude keys), the SAS will act accordingly. You can easily press the alt button accidentally while making maneuvers. Also, if you have a controller plugged in, a slight miscalibration or "loose sticks" can also cause unexpected thrusting.
  13. But but, why would you take away the challenge fun of doing this manually?
  14. I'm betting Squad will expand the usage of the new inventory system that we saw introduced in the last update. It's in there now, but not fully exploited yet. There's some more potential there.
  15. These days it's Final Fantasy VIII on the PSP. I've never finished it. For the record, I've started this game about 5 times, but now I'm further than ever before. I must persevere! Does anyone sometimes have the same problem of starting a game over and over again without finishing it?