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  1. Does Windows itself recognise your controller? In other words, does the Arduino advertise all the axes properly?
  2. Oh come on! The ones opposed about the use of mods in this weeks challenge should take a look in the challenges thread. I think Squad is doing a great job comming up with an average of challenge types that are listed there. Only one challenge so far that requires the use of mods...
  3. T-Bouw

    KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    Well this came as a surprise to me! Take-Two is an industry veteran and currently has a market value that's better than it's even been (if the stock market is anything to go by). So I'm curious to see what this combination can do for KSP! Oh, and since Take-Two has a history of distributing peripherals.....OFFICIAL KSP CONTROLLER!!
  4. I'm glad that those developers landed a nice job again! Though Valve employing most ex-squad members and modders, you'd think that Valve's got an ulterior motive... A spaceprogram sim perhaps?
  5. T-Bouw

    KSP Challenge: Taking the scenic route!

    This challenge is about not using the GUI. In your linked post, you're talking about the GUI being too big, which is exactly the opposite of relevant here.
  6. T-Bouw

    KSP Challenge: Taking the scenic route!

    This challenge sounds like fun! I might take a crack at this one. (famous last words)
  7. T-Bouw

    KSP Challenge: Build and Fly a Space Shuttle!

    Well done everyone who participated and well done Speeding Mullet for jurying! Though, I'm sad I wasn't able to participate with my shuttle in time. I read about the challenge too late and it took too long to refine my design. But, I'll be sure to enter the main Shuttle Challenge!
  8. I'm not familliar with all the terms in your calculation (KOS?) so I'm not sure if you have it already, but it also depends on the angle your ship makes in relation to the planet. Veer off for just a degree in any direction and the thrust won't be sufficiënt. Better to add some trigonometry to account for this.
  9. You hit a good point there. Relays are in practice only necessary from Mün onwards. That said, I still don't understand how the signals from the other end on Kerbin opposite the KSC can reach it. Some other (space)centers on Kerbin? Will have to visit one of those positions the signal comes down at some day...
  10. T-Bouw

    Kerbal Space Program 1.2.1 is live!

    This patch blindsided me! It came quicker than I expected. Good going Squad!
  11. I condone the absence of relays to teach having to deal with loss of signal. It taught me a great deal about the system all the while never giving me an interactive tutorial. The relays, when finally unlocked, are then a convenience to be used in the future as a sort of quality of life part.
  12. Jay! This update is Beta then ever! I'm sure you guys worked your ehh dishes off!
  13. Red Iron Crown, your explainations for time warp in multiplayer are enlighting! I always thought that asynchronous warp was brilliant, but the way you're telling it, it has some flaws that're not insignificant.
  14. T-Bouw

    "There's no easy way to say this."

    Indeed kudos to the people that put a lot of effort into 1.2 and KSP in general. Apart from what may have happened behind the stage or not, I still love KSP in it's current form. I'll take this version 1.2 and we'll see what the future has in store.
  15. Please, let's not get all paranoid people. Innocent until proven guilty remember?
  16. Ah, the birds are finally getting some much needed rest at last! So ehh, the crickets are going to take over the night-shift right? Right? Seriously though, you're doing a great effort as always Squad!
  17. T-Bouw

    Some space wallpapers

    There're some really nice ones in between. Thanks!
  18. T-Bouw

    How to land rovers?

    Ehh, just on top like a satelite. Preferably with a shroud. When landed, wiggle/RCS it off the landing stage.
  19. T-Bouw

    Aesthetics: Important to you?

    For me it goes both ways. Because rockets are my workhorses, I don't care much for how they look, as long as their pointy end is up. Now planes, those have to look stunning. At the very least like, you know, like a plane. I'll go to great lengths to hide ugly stuff inside or cover it up with something else as long as it doesn't involve heavy clipping. I dislike heavy clipping more than an "ugly" plane...
  20. T-Bouw

    Update 1.2 has entered Experimental testing!

    Please read the original post more closely. Test build will be available Soontm.
  21. T-Bouw

    R2D2 is dead

    Yeah, it's indeed sad that he died. I'm sure it was hard work to be in that "suit" all day every day. Still, I'm amazed that he attained that respectable age despite his condition.
  22. T-Bouw

    Testing The XF-85 Goblin

    It's almost hard to believe that it's a real plane, because it looks totally like a cartoon plane! A shame that the study for parasite planes was soon halted. Thanks for the find. I've never seen any footage of the thing.
  23. Hmm, that's a shame. I thought I had an eureka moment here... The way that you explain it makes sense. About the pigment thing. Perhaps a color bar printed out could help in finding the correct color? Trial and error. Although going that route is no better than simply using white LED's and illuminating stuff that way. After all, you've got those cool bars! I'd stick with yellow then. It could be pretty in it's own right!
  24. Perhaps you could try with a blue filter, if you have it. Because yellow and blue should make green.
  25. T-Bouw

    How to get back?

    You've gotten lots of good advice from the others here, but I will post one general rule that always helped me stay well within budget: If your unsure of buying something, then don't. You can use that in KSP and in real life.