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  1. Yeah I hope so too, imagine all the cool vistas people will find and put their bases. As well as underwater I'd like one facing the edge of a cliff so I can throw planes over the edge
  2. So if KSP2 works how I think it does, we should be able to make our own bases and give these bases our own launch sites. We've already seen off world bases and some in orbit but what I'd really like to experiment with is an underwater base.
  3. I think it could do well if done properly, think action/adventure/comedy. A mission to the Mun & back or an asteroid threat as examples.
  4. Do we know if asteroids / comets are confirmed for KSP 2? I'd like to make an interstellar ship with a asteroid for it's core.
  5. I know you haven't really gone into career / science mode details yet but it would be cool if you choose which planet you start from. Purely a nice to have and maybe could be done with a mod but imagine starting a new career but instead of Kerbin you're on Laythe for instance.
  6. True gameplay wise, though my reasoning would be it's a real world technology and also think of the similarities between how SRBs are used at launch
  7. Yeah, at the moment when trying to land on Duna I'm normally going like 190m/s without parachutes and with all those hills it's a bit of a nightmare. If it was up to me, I'd add a part similar to landing gear that acts as a hook for landing. If we wanted to get really fancy, imagine if you could angle the runway upwards with a system like this
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_Aircraft_Launch_System This came up when discussing designing aircraft for Duna using a runway. As a possible upgrade in the tech tree it would be nice to have a launch/capture system similar to an aircraft carrier. Imagine you build your super fast plane but you don't have enough runway to take off or land.
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