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  1. short answer: yes. long answer: frames are good but my room turns into an oven from the heat my pc is emitting
  2. if the concept of "more boosters" was a spaceplane, that would be it (but also thats a cool spacecraft i still haven't made a minmus capable ssto)
  3. If you had 1kg of antimatter (safely contained), what would you do? You can have any sort of technology you want to use it with, as long as its possible within our current understanding of physics.
  4. I recently made a station near the sun in 2.5x scale KSRSS, for getting huge amounts of power and beaming it to the outer solar system. It took 3 (very excessively enormous and ludicrously tweakscaled) launches, 1 for the crew part, 1 for the laser, and 1 for the solar arms and docking tubes. https://imgur.com/gallery/dvFOyBm < more stuff ^ docking parts 1 and 2 ^ complete station ^ zoomed out to show solar panels ^ inspecting the deathray laser made specifically for beaming power to spacecraft
  5. I got some nice screenshots a while back on the first interstellar mission in my (very very modded) science save. I may have too many graphics mods
  6. considering making something using this, i've been needing a good (long range) beamed power mod that doesnt add a bunch of other stuff for a while (entirely so i can make a sun station to beam power across the system)
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