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  1. The scale for this image may be a little off. I tabulated circular orbit velocities for most of the current bodies at 100km, and here's what I got: Tylo- 2009m/s Kerbin- 2248 Mun-466 Minmus- 105 Moho- 837 Eve- 3196 Duna- 847 Ike-284 Laythe- 1808 Vall- 720 Bop-122 Given that orbital velocity at 100km is related to each world's gravitational parameter, this gives us a way to guesstimate each world's radius- assuming density is constant. Problem is, I've forgotten the formula!!
  2. Mechjeb seems to work perfectly in 0.17. Perhaps our devs conspired a little bit...
  3. What plugin set are you using for rendezvous? I've used MechJeb 1.9.1 with the camera plugin to achieve better rendezvous, but it doesn't have nearly as many features... Docking is still working like a charm, though!
  4. The docking mod you created works well. I seem to have issues when coupling to debris, though- the parts gradually separate during warp, and although they usually come back together, once a certain distance is reached they separate completely. Any ideas on how to stop this?