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  1. Yes. My HG-5 Antennae are inside the fairing. Does ReStock change the size of stock part's drag cubes? I thought it only changed the appearance of the parts.
  2. I'm having an Issue where KWP prevents fairings from occluding drag (for all parts inside the fairing). In other words, KWP stops stock fairings from working. I am running KWP (from CKAN) in KSP 1.12.2 rather than 1.11, which is why I haven't included more detail, but when this Mod is finally updated, please look into fixing this issue. Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm having an issue with fairings (1.25m specifically), where surface attached parts are not occluded from causing drag when inside the fairing. I was having problems with this craft: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BXBOSfHrgtynK6-UcsQwirzLnStllMKr/view?usp=sharing Images of drag with ReStock: Note the two drag lines from the two HG-5 antennae. Inside the fairing: The Solar Panels and batteries do not seem to produce red drag lines, even without the fairing (is that normal?). Here's an image with it working properly (Without ReStock): Note that only the Fairing itself is producing drag.
  4. Neptune-ish and two moons - Pastel Saturnset on Titan (heavy artistic license) - Coloured Pencil Colonies on a moon of a Jupiter-like gas giant - Watercolour pencil
  5. Testing how many times I can edit a post? once twice thrice Four times Interesting, perhaps it was a different reason that was preventing me from editing before?
  6. Thank you. So sorry, I hadn't read that yet - I assumed it would be more about forum etiquette, and less how to use the forum. Sorry, and thanks for the help.
  7. Hello, I would like to know how to post images on these forums. I'm not sure how to, there doesn't seem to be such an option in the "post message" section. Thanks!
  8. One of my favourite quotes: "I didn't open the can of worms... ... I just pointed at it and laughed a little too loudly." - Someone's signature on the NSF forums
  9. Thank you! How would I mark your post as a spoiler so it shrinks unless it is clicked on? Also: I forgot to introduce myself. I've almost finished a degree in Mechatronics Engineering, and want to work for RocketLab once I do finish. In my spare time, I enjoy building spaceships out of Lego, and (obviously) playing KSP. I've been playing since late 1.6, after my brother bought it, somewhat mistakenly thinking it was a combat simulator. (BD Armoury)
  10. Hello! How can I set a profile picture/about me text/forum signature?
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