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  1. He did! Without him, KSP would look so much uglier! Actually, I like the Cherenkov glow a lot, I'll probably try to tweak stuff myself.
  2. Yeah, the side panels are already solid, too bad I can't make the windows solid, it would be handy.
  3. Fighters are cool. Flags layered on top of each other are weird. Ejection seats are pain. I also used to have a pic of this thing strapped to an SRB, with the ejection seat flying out, but it's disappeared for some reason.
  4. Wow, this is beautiful! Intercept should hire you, your style looks awesome! What program are you using?
  5. Hi, just found this thread. I'm Russian, so if this is still relevant, I can assist with translating a portion of the article.
  6. Whoops, somehow failed to notice your first submission. It's a really nice design, I dig the clipped antennae. Have your well-deserved badge:
  7. That's really cool and kinda funny, can I call it "W H A L E" in the submission list? Is that a tiny Star Destroyer? That's some interesting shaping, I really like it?
  8. PALETTE pack, I think it's called Kerbosawa Mode. On the teaser pic it's Fox's Vintage Profiles, the profile is Apollo 8. By the way, a message for everyone interested. I'm really sorry I delayed Part 2. I kind of have to do a lot of stuff IRL right now, and I don't have any free time. I'll try to write it tomorrow, okay? This is not cancelled, don't worry, it's just on a very brief hiatus. I just need a little bit of time to sort out my IRL stuff. If this cheers you up, Part 3 is scheduled for next week! I really hope I don't have to delay again
  9. This is so crazy! Pushing the challenge to its limits, and also hillarious! I like that you took the time to rescue the Kerbals one-by-one! Awesome! You already have a badge, so no need to claim one. I'll add you to the participant list!
  10. Tested out several Orion Drive vehicles based on the firework overclocking exploit, started a mission report about them: "Thunderstruck" Took fancy screenshots. Here's one:
  11. Err, never used it, so I have no idea about its functionality. If it just balances a craft or something like that, it's probably okay, but you, the player, still need to do the actual flying. If it flies the plane by itself, it's kinda cheaty.
  12. A little teaser for tomorrow's Episode 2 (Don't open if you want to "go in blind"!)
  13. That would be great! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  14. Out-of universe notes will be in cursive As you know, in 1.12 fireworks were added to KSP. What you might not know is that you can overclock fireworks using a KAL controller. These overpowered fireworks can be used for propulsion, if you're careful enough. FROM THE DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS OF THE KERBAL AEROSPACE FORCE: THE ORION DRIVE Ever since kerbals created explosives, they've wondered: can I fly with it? The question had been answered a long time ago by solid-fuel motors, but some kept thinking if there was more to it. That day, they proved there was. The Orion test vehicle was sitting on the launchpad, waiting for further commands. Daredevil pilot Jebediah Kerman was sitting inside. Even Jeb, the famous Kerbal With No Fear, was pondering the absurdity of this idea. A couple tons of explosives were going to be shot out of a hole at supersonic speeds, an Jeb was going to ride the shockwave. Suddenly, he heard a command from Ground Control. CAPTAIN KERMAN, PREPARE FOR LIFTOFF IN 3, 2, 1... And like that, Project Orion was born. Not with a whimper, but with a bang. Jeb felt the vehicle accelerate rapidly. He struggled with his breath, and his ears were ringing. COMMANDER KERMAN, WE HAVE LIFTOFF, I REPEAT, WE HAVE... BANG! and another one and another one Getting used to this is gonna be hard, Jeb thought. 28 more explosions followed. WE HAVE REACHED 100 m/s, Mission Control stated. Beginning descent, Jeb replied. Commander Kerman parachuted to safety. While his vehicle was being recovered, his brother Gene, head of Kerbal Aerospace Forces, called him to his office. Great job, Jeb, he said. We've officially started the Orion Program, and the investors are impressed. We're going to need you again soon, Jeb. Do you want to continue? Oh boy, more explosions? Jeb replied with excitement. Count me in! I need a vacation, though, my back hurts from all the gees now. I knew you would be interested. We'll call you. Jeb, the Orion Rider. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Gene finished. Okay, I'm tired, I'll publish the next part later today or tomorrow, I hope. I have all the pictures ready. Did you like this? Any criticism, questions or recommendations? Please reply! Here are some bonus photos. They'll come with every episode. They are not canon, consider them bloopers. NEXT UP ON THUNDERSTRUCK: WHO PUT ORION ON A PLANE?
  15. This looks like a cursed Soyuz-Clipper. Might give it a try the next time I start up KSP.
  16. Hello! I am having this problem after the update that added the new methalox and Stratzenblitz plumes. The Hydrolox and Methalox plumes can be seen not only through the engine bell, but also through other parts. I am running KSP on Mac, not Linux. Should I post it here or in the main Waterfall thread? Here, plumes can be seen through engine bells and the orange tank. Weirdly, this doesn't happen with the Stratz Plume, as you may notice.
  17. Hi, this looks really cool, but could you please fly it again and post a picture with the HUD visible so I can see your altitude and add you to the participant list? Great! Hey, any landing is okay if you can walk (or swim) away! small print: landing not required for participation Feel free to claim your badge!
  18. Looks pretty nice! One thing -- could you use imgur instead of ibb? It allows you to post pics directly to the forum and doesn't make them awkwardly small. (You don't need registration)
  19. That's great, awesome flying skills as usual! I've added the aircraft to the OP. BTW, the Kerbal's head poking out of the intake is comedy gold. P.S: I've already replied to this post earlier this day, but it doesn't seem to show up. Weird. If anyone sees two very similar posts, please message me, I'll try to delete one.
  20. Calling @swjr-swis: I seem to have forgotten to put up this little picture of your Kerman Flyer I made as a thank-you fo your help. Grab it if you want to: You can download it here: https://imgur.com/jvvgNpB By the way, if you want a smaller version or a version without text, message me, I'll do anything I can. P.S. : is this thread dead? Last message was sent by me, the OP, like, 20 days ago.
  21. That looks much better than before, great job! Is that restock I'm seeing? BTW, is the crew capsule tweakscaled?
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