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  1. Yeah at the end you find earth and human life and then IRL a harrier lands on your roof and you get kidnapped by elon musk get launched into space and sold to the kerbals as their new pet yo devs can you guys add this
  2. RO2 and RP2 in vr would be epic imagine being in the cockpit of a X-1 going mach 1
  3. I play RP1 problem is some people can't run it hell I can barely run it and I have terrible visual settings + why not use the parts? in ksp1 you have no incentive to fly planes I at least want contracts although it would be perfect if they gave us basic plane parts at start In all 3 of those examples it's probe into orbit than planes
  4. in KSP career mode you have to get into space/orbit before you can buy basic plane parts that's not a good progression in career mode there's not nearly enough contracts for planes as well i wanna get a manned break the sound barrier altitude contracts high altitude science contract and a pass the Karbal line contract
  5. maybe it could also for a project manhigh esque you get a contract program like before manned rockets and then maybe a project excelsior where you have to jump back down from say 20km?
  6. I have already suggested this in a thread but a small animation iva of a kerbal just doing kerbal things like 2d in maybe the style of the tutorials in maybe a timelapse just day to day life
  7. would love to have this even if it's stripped down to like a 2d animation just doing experiments and eating lunch or whatever i'd love a bit more character
  8. Is it possible for someone to copy their rp1\ro gamedata folder so that i can play it without having to go through all the bugs for downloading on ckan mac and download manually? or is that against ksp rules or licence rules
  9. I don't get the first requirement are we supposed to strap on nuclear engines on it?
  10. What I mean is more experiments rn I'm thinking of one antimatter collector it's late game and it takes a lot of energy to power it. One experiment is observe and the text is "You have a strong urge to put it in your mouth but your crewmate / mission control says not to, stupid crewmate / mission control." Another one is annihilate which generates 100 electricity or something and the text says "The defence department wants us back home they say they're gonna put the material in a bullet" what's your ideas I'd love to see them.
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